Marked reviewed on RT

Early reviews are starting to come in for Marked, and Romantic Times has named it as one of their Top Picks!

“Benedict Jacka doesn’t waste a moment in this ninth series installment, plunging readers into the ongoing action and lingering intrigue of his increasingly complex Alex Verus series.  Even though the plot races forward at a breakneck pace, this story is also very much about the toll that Verus’s adventures and choices have taken . . . Serious devotees will no doubt savour the intense character developments and leave eager to see all that the future holds.” (Bridget Keown.)

We’re getting towards the two month mark, so I’ll put the first chapter online in two or three weeks.  

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2 Responses to Marked reviewed on RT

  1. Lance Nielsen says:

    Eagerly awaiting

  2. Hannah says:

    We already have chapter one as an excerpt in the book’s Amazon description. Give us chapter two instead!

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