Three Quarters

First draft of Alex Verus #10, Fallen, has passed the 75% mark.  I still need to write the end section and then take the manuscript through the whole editing process, but at the current rate, it’s going to be finished soon!

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4 Responses to Three Quarters

  1. Can says:

    Appreciate the updates! I’ve been buying ebook copies but I think I’m not going ı be able to handle the pressure and get some physical ones for the last book and the ones coming after. Maybe both ebook and physical.. I can’t wait long enough to receive it.

  2. Mary Carter says:

    Just binge read the series. Great writing ! Great world building ! Great story arc ! Great characters ! Very much looking forward to many more. The saga is nowhere near being finished, I hope !

  3. Gary Sapp says:

    Excellent! Just finished the newest one and I like where this is going. It can’t come out too soon.

  4. Bethany Drake says:

    I’ve been listening to the audiobooks on my way to work, and they’re really good! Thanks for making my commute more tolerable 🙂

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