Ask Luna #114

From: Alec Cole

Hey.Do you think you could post some official pictures of you, Alex, Anne, Vari, or any of the other keepers, council members, dark mages, etc.? I need them for cosplay purposes.I did that wizard from Chicago Alex mentioned in his first book this year and want to emulate Alex next year

I mean, I’m flattered you want to know what I look like, but I’ve kind of got a rule against posting pictures of myself or my friends. You’re better off looking for fanart or going by descriptions.

From: Kristen

Dear Luna,

I’ve been playing with this idea for a while and a particular scene between Alex and Morden in Marked made a curious. Even as Alex fears him, he can’t help but respect him. Morden also seems to have a healthy respect for Alex since he never underestimates him and seems genuinely interested what Alex has to say during their conversations. With their respect-fear dynamic, it’s made me wonder… Has Morden ever wished that Alex were his apprentice instead of Onyx?

It’s funny you should ask that, because it was something that eventually occurred to me as well and Alex and I had a discussion about it. Alex seems to think that Morden wants Onyx to use him as a role model. I know, I know, it seems ridiculous given how their encounters usually go, but that’s the vibe that Alex got off their conversations. My takeaway was that Onyx might have picked up that Morden feels that way, and that’s the reason he especially dislikes Alex (as in, more so than he would already).

From: Kevin

So I have a few questions about Richard, I know you have never talked to him but I was wondering if you and Alex ever discussed why he would think Alex would ever join up with him again of his own free will. He may not have any empathy but I find it hard to believe that after every thing he did to Alex, that he thought they could just pick up like everything was normal. Does Richard not understand why Alex would not feel vengeful towards him or am I not understanding how Dark Mages work? Also do you think Arachne was on to something about Richard being resentful about Alex leaving him? I mean I get the feeling Richard would not hesitate to kill Alex if it was absolutely necessary but at the same time it also feels like he puts up with a lot more grief then you would think a Dark Mage would tolerate.

It’s a good question, and to be honest I don’t have a good answer. You’d think it’d be really damn obvious that Alex would have no intention of going back, but Richard seems like he’s still set on leaving the door open. So is he oblivious, or does he know something we don’t? Or maybe a bit of both? I dunno. Maybe it comes down to mindset. From what Alex has told me, Richard always tried to teach him and his other apprentices not to hold grudges and not to take things personally. So maybe it’s a case that he actually genuinely does think like that and he figures Alex will come around.

From: proviso

p.s. another oddity with richard is that Alex’s divinations told him a hand to hand fight with richard would be close. Many explanations are possible, and I don’t consider this strong evidence, but it’s one more light-red flag.

Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with that either. I mean, Alex is good, but Richard is on a level where Senior Council members are scared of him. It shouldn’t be an even match.

From: Gerald

What is the funny story behind Lyle’s name.
Thanks for reading this

No idea.

From: Minke

Hi Luna!

I recently came across a mention of Lyle and how’s there’s a story behind his mage name. Has Alex ever told you the story? I’d love to hear it as well, if you’re willing to share.

I didn’t expect so many people to be curious about this one.

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