Ask Luna #113

From: BlackMass

I have been wondering, back during the Nightstalker affair someone mentioned that Talsid was in Russia for Guardian business what exactly was said Business?

Another concern is know that Alex knows That Guardians and The Crusaders are really one faction does mean Talsid cannot be fully trusted?

Dunno what the business was. It was a while ago and I don’t think I ever asked.

For the second question, well . . . yeah. That’s something I’ve wondered about, too. The problem is that the two factions are allied pretty much all the time, and one of them we get on fine with while the other we definitely don’t. Talisid’s always been on our side (more or less) but I don’t know if it’ll always be that way.

From: Nick

1. Do you know what factions that the Senior and Junior Council members represent? I know Leviticus is affiliated with the Isolationists and Directors and Sarque and Bahamus with the Crusaders/Guardians but the others are harder to pin down.
2. Even though Leviticus and Sal Sarque are the biggest threats on the Senior Council to you guys right now how about the Junior Council? It seems the most dangerous threats can be the ones you overlook and it is possible that some of them could be looking to gain favor by opposing Alex.
3. Have you considered a group name for you Alex, Anne, and Variam? Might be a good way to gain more fans among the adepts, Light and Independent mages.

1. I don’t really, no. Undaaris is with the Centrists and Alma is Directors, I think, but that’s just gossip and I’ve never really looked into it. There was a reason I never wanted to be Alex’s aide.

2. Probably, but we have so many active enemies there doesn’t seem much point in worrying about potential ones.

3. We did talk about it back in the old days. Someone suggested ‘Arcana Evolved’ but I’m pretty sure that was a joke. It kind of got dropped once Sonder left.

From: Dan

Hi Luna.
I was wondering how much do you know about the Fate Weaver. It seems more than just an imbued item since a mage is trapped inside?

Could you explain it to me?

Does it have any limitations or is Alex pretty much untouchedable while using it?

Also is there any way Alex can bond to it himself? Possibly using the dreamstone.

On a completely different note how do you feel about Alex and Anne getting together? Do you have any gossip about them?

When are you and Vari going to get together?

The fateweaver’s got two parts – it’s a symbiotic imbued item (which is the fate part) which also has a mind mage living inside it. So if you’re carrying it you effectively get access to two whole extra types of magic at once, which is why it’s so powerful. The downside is that both are being controlled by a guy who’d love to possess you and take your body for his own, so yeah, not the best idea.

In theory any other mage could bond themselves to it, assuming they knew how (the ritual would have been lost thousands of years ago). Though the mage already bonded to it might have something to say about it if you tried.

Re: Alex and Anne getting together – about bloody time. Don’t have any gossip, but Vari and I have had some amusing conversations about how things would work.

Re: me and Vari, you’re acting like we haven’t already done it.

From: Mark

1. So one thing that has me confused is the use and creation of gate magic. Can Alex create one or is it just limited to certain mages?
2. How would diviner adepts be different from what Alex usually does? Would they have a lesser skill of all his abilities or only certain abilities like short term precognition or path walking?
3. Is there a limit to how far Alex can look into the future? Does he have a record of how far he looked into the future just to test his abilities?

1. Alex can’t, I can’t, Anne can’t. Only one of us who can make them is Vari, the rest of us have to rely on gate stones. It’s a pain in the neck.

2. Usually they have the ability to see the future, but only in a really specific window. I met one who could see ahead up to exactly thirty seconds. Another could make long-term predictions, but only by doing tarot readings. Others get prophetic dreams and stuff like that.

3. You’d have to ask him for the details, but as I understand it it’s limited by how predictable his environment is. I think he can get up to days, maybe a week, if he’s in a super stable environment like a sealed room with no-one bugging him. Doubt he’d be able to do that any more with the way things are these days.

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