December Update

Hi all!  Here’s what’s going on in the Alex Verus world.  

First-round edits for Alex Verus #10, Fallen, are in.  I’m out of the country over the Christmas period but I’m aiming to get them done before I get back.  The good news is that these changes look to be minor – no major alterations or rewrites – so the book’s still well on schedule for its 2019 release.  

For those of you who are reading the German edition, Fated is going to be an Amazon Daily Deal on on January 12th.  In related news, the Alex Verus series is apparently doing quite well in Germany, so Blanvalet are going to continue to translate and publish the series.  Books #3 and #4, Taken and Chosen, are next in line, and the current plan is to release at six month intervals.  

Fated and Cursed are also going to be published in the Czech Republic by Fantom Print.  Current plans are to release around late 2019/early 2020.  

And with the edits for Book #10 established, I can start planning out Book #11.  That’s not going to be published until 2020, though, so we’re getting pretty far into the future!

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  1. Jim L says:

    Any ideas when Fallen will be available for pre-order (Amazon Kindle)?

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