2019 Overview

Happy New Year to everyone!  Here’s what’ll be coming in the Alex Verus world during 2019.  

First news is that the edits on Alex Verus #10, Fallen, are done.  This book’s had a nice easy edits stage, so I was able to get the edit/rewrite phase done without any trouble.  There are still copy-edits and proofreading changes to be done, but the version that you’ll be reading later this year is going to be 99% identical to the one I’ve got on my hard drive right now.  

With Fallen wrapped up, I can get to work on Alex Verus #11, which’ll be the penultimate book in the series.  I’m aiming to plan it out over the next month or two, and start work around the beginning of spring, with the hope of finishing around this autumn. 

And speaking of this autumn, that’s when Fallen will be coming out!  Current release date is 10 October 2019, and as usual I’ll try to put the first chapter online a month or two in advance (so say sometime in August).  

And hopefully by the time Fallen comes out, I’ll have finished book 11.  Which means that around this time next year, at the beginning of 2020, I’ll be starting the twelfth and final Alex Verus novel and bringing the series to a close.  

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10 Responses to 2019 Overview

  1. Cansky says:

    I cannot wait! I’ll be trying to get a both physical copy and an ebook version. Hope you had a nice New Years and Christmas.

  2. Corki says:

    Looking forward to the next Alex Verus masterpiece.
    Keep up the good work. Not many authors engage with the fans like you.

  3. Robert Victoria says:

    I’m curious: Do you intend to write more books in the Verus universe? Do you intend to write more books?
    Thank you for the reading pleasure.

  4. Nicola Gebendinger says:

    It’s a bit like saying goodbye to an old friend.

  5. Sheryl says:

    Can you finish them before I die of old age by any chance?

  6. momo says:

    > the twelfth and final Alex Verus novel

    Not happy. Not happy.

    Very sad now.

  7. Lance Nielsen says:


  8. Bruce Donohue says:

    Very much looking forward to Fallen, Benedict and the 12th an final book. I am so glad that you got to write all of this series. I had been so wonderful to read and get immersed fully in the pages. You have done amazingly with this series. I will look forward to reading more of your works once Alex Versus gets retired. All the characters have evolved and the ride reading them has brought me joy and happiness. Yes, since we have now grown so found of the characters, will it be a little sad to see them go; for sure but it is a good sad.
    I will look forward to your next series. You have got this fan hooked.
    Bruce Donohue
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  9. Bruce Donohue says:

    I was wondering Benedict, once the Alex series is completed, if you haven’t already answered this question…

    What first brought you to write, create, the world that Alex is in? What inspired you to start, add elements that you though were missing in the fantasy wizard genre that you wanted to explore when the concept was being formalized in your mind? I think through the years, we have seen the evolution and complete fleshing out of your vision, but what was the spark that started it all for you, and then made you decide to pitch it to a publisher?

  10. Hasher says:

    Aaaah, I’m so excited for Fallen!!! I just discovered your Alex Verus books this last year, managed to read all 9 of them (twice!) and am chomping at the bit for more! And thank you for this website; I always love reading the detailed background and “theory” behind fantasy novels. I also value the insight into becoming a published author (you know, in case I ever get past my anxiety enough to make the attempt). Gaaaa, not sure I can wait until October….

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