Ask Luna #121

From: Kevin

1. Is Richard Drakh known internationally or is it just limited to the Great Britain Isles?
2. Do you think there are any similar Dark Mage counterparts in France, Germany or the United States that we might have to worry about?

1. He’s known internationally, but people don’t necessarily care about him very much. It’s sort of like how people from other countries would view the prime minister of Spain.

2. There definitely are, but most people don’t want to get involved in other countries’ problems unless they have to (though they love to talk about them).

From: Alex

Okay this might be a completely obvious and redundant question but do you know what exactly the Gate Rune did? Most likely it had something to do with transportation but do you know any more specifics? It must have been quite useful to cause the equivalent of a Mage World War

I didn’t pay that much attention in the classes where they were covering it, but I got the impression it was more of a spark that set things off than anything else – the Light and Dark mages really didn’t like each other and were just looking for an excuse to start a fight. Though the Gate Rune was supposed to be really powerful too – it was some kind of imbued item that could open up portals to other worlds.

From: James

Do you think Alex is letting his personal biases get in the way of viewing Richard as a potential diviner? Granted the implications that he might be similar to his former teacher would unsettle anyone in the same position, but there have been quite a few times when Alex has bluffed his way through dangerous situations acting confident and unconcerned. Plus I remember Alex saying how little he knows about Richard personally and this could be an older diviner’s way of hiding his magic type from others along with creating a certain mystique that makes Senior Council members terrified of you. I don’t think this makes Alex anything like Richard in terms how he is as a person or the choices he will make in the future, but you know how you said in the past how Anne and Vihaela are sorta alike since they share a life magic connection? I think this could be something similar, and yeah I know this is like the hundredth Richard is a diviner theory post by now but I don’t see how it could anything else.

Maybe. If I had to put money on it, I’d probably say that the diviner theory makes more sense than the others I’ve heard – it’s just a feeling. But Alex is the one who knows the most about being a diviner, so if he says that something’s off, he’s probably right. Maybe Richard’s got some power set that’s close to being a diviner but which is a lot more combat-capable, or something. He does seem to be able to do a lot of stuff that a pure diviner couldn’t. I dunno.

From: Kevin

1. So do you know anything about how Spire manages to maintain power/respect on the Senior Council even though he never votes on anything?


From: Kevin

So this is an ominous thought but do you think Crystal could be working with Richard? I thought about their five minute conversation in Hidden and a recruitment pitch is the only thing I could come up with. She fits the profile for a Dark Mage at any rate.

I’m almost sure she is, yeah.

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