A few announcements and dates:

My Reddit AMA will be on October 17th, one week after Fallen’s UK release.  

The Audible audiobook edition of Fallen will be out on October 10th, the same day as its UK release, while the US audio CD edition will be out on September 24th, along with the US release.  This is, however, only based on what I can find on Amazon.  I regularly get asked when the audio editions for my books are due to be released, and unfortunately I can’t give much of an answer.  Neither my audiobook publisher nor Audible communicate with me, which means the only information I have is what’s publicly available online.  

With the release date of Fallen drawing closer, I’ll be putting up the first chapter online, probably in mid-August.  In this case, though, just reading the first chapter may feel a little more incomplete than usual, for reasons that’ll become clear once you read it, so I’m planning to put up the second chapter as well a little while after.  

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2 Responses to Dates

  1. oh I love the people at Tantor who publish your audiobooks here. It is Sept 24 but I will get it earlier for review. And Ace Roc is fabulous to me as well, also Sep 24. I’m doing giveaways with both of them for the Read-Along this year. The review for Burned just posted Friday (8/2) and now we are reading Bound. I’m so enjoying your books

  2. Ivan says:

    Thanks for the excellent writing. I am a long time scifi and fantasy reader and really enjoy either realistically set or post apocalyptic themed books. Only on book 3 but that’s after 4 days of reading!

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