Ask Luna #169

From: Fade

Hi Luna, how are you? In a great many of your recent questions people seem to be asking you about things that just aren’t really in your wheelhouse, and I imagine that must be a bit of a pain. So I wanted to ask something you might be more inclined to answer: What are the most interesting items that have come through your shop? Interesting, funny, silly, or powerful, many of the items we’ve witnessed so far have been… creative. Like the chilly cup, or the book that you forget you’ve read. Anything else you are willing to share?

Are you still tapped in to dueling circles? Have you won any new tournaments? Thanks for your time!

I’m more or less retired from duelling these days. Sounds funny to say I’m ‘retired’ when I’m still in my twenties, but that’s how it feels. Partly it was a case of not having the time, but mostly it was that it just didn’t have the same pull any more. I felt like I’d got all I was going to get from it.

As for the first question . . . I once got sold a bunch of magic sex toys. They came as a set. Pretty sure they were all made by the same guy.

I haven’t told Alex, because I’m absolutely sure that if he ever found out, he wouldn’t stop making fun of me for YEARS.

(And no, I’m not telling everyone what they were. There’s enough weird fanfiction out there already.)

From: Nicolas

Hi Luna. I have questions about differents type pf magic.
1-are there such thing as tech magic? Like manipulaing radio waves,the internet and televisions
2-are there any magic that makes food tastier?

Tech magic, yeah, various kinds. There are a few different types of mages that can do stuff with electromagnetism – light, electricity, darkness, that kind of thing. Actual technomages who can only work with technology are a bit rarer, but you do get them. Pretty common as adepts, though.

For food, it’s kind of hard. There are lots of types of magic that can mess with food one way or another, but making it actually taste GOOD is trickier than you’d think. Probably the ones who have the easiest time are mind mages – they can just mess with your senses so that you think it’s nicer than it is. Whether you’d trust a mind mage enough to let them do that, though . . .

From: Lisa

So there have been a few things regarding the events of Fallen that have me thinking you guy might have secret allies on the Council.

A. When Alex and Anne were freed from the Council’s strike team it struck me as too easy kinda of similar to how Onyx got into the Fateweaver’s prison which we know was Levistus’s doing. This is shakiest one I know and by itself it doesn’t prove anything and it could be Richard’s cabal really is that good but there are several other things.

B. Knock on wood but you and Vari haven’t been sentenced by the Council by being an associate of Alex. Now maybe initially they assumed you guys weren’t high enough of a priority but after Sarque you think they would go all dictatorship and go after you unless someone was blocking them. Now maybe Vari’s being Order in the Shield and you being a Light Mage might offer some protection but it seems to be you would need someone higher up to keep them from coming after you.

C. Finally this is what clinches it for me, Talisid knows about the Hollow and hasn’t revealed it to the rest of the Light Council. It took them several hours to track Alex down before he got the Fateweaver. Now maybe Talisid was trying to buy Alex some time but that doesn’t fit with what we know of him, being a Guardian through and through. The fact that he hasn’t still revealed it makes me certain that a faction on the Council is looking out for you.

So the obvious question is why they would do this, and the simplest answer is they want Alex to take down or weaken Richard significantly which as it were he already has. Also Sarque and Levistus seem to be the ones who embodies the corruption and brutality in the Light Council and what do you know Alex has taken out one already and is well on his way for the other.

Of course if the Hollow is semi public knowledge then this all of this means nothing, but if it isn’t do you think you guys have back up on the Light Council?

Well, it’s not like we’ve been left all alone. The Keepers have visited both me and Vari, and they haven’t been friendly.

But you’re right that they haven’t come down on us as hard as they could have. And, like you say, there are a few places where they could have gone for us really hard but didn’t.
So something’s holding them back. The question is . . . are they doing it because we’ve got secret allies on the Council? Or is it because they’re leaving us be as part of some plan? Or is it just because they’re incompetent and too busy arguing? It’s really hard to know which, and that’s kind of worrying.

From: Ryan Johnson

Hey Luna!

Covid has my first trip to the UK in September postponed until who knows when. I’m trying to look on the bright side, so at least this gives me more time to plan an even better trip!

Any recommendations on must visit places in London, especially for food and drinks that you and Alex love?

For food and drinks, a lot of the Indian restaurants are pretty good. And the pubs are good places to hang out. It hasn’t been that long that I’ve been able to do stuff like that, so I think I appreciate them more.

Other than that, the Heath is good. I don’t really go to most of the tourist sites, but if I had to pick one I’d probably say the London Eye.

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