Ask Luna #186

From: Kitty

Hi, Luna.

Lately, I find myself thinking a lot about poor ol’ November. I hope he’s doing okay. He’s all on his own, after all. I wonder if he’s developed any new interests, or if he’s remembered anything about his life before becoming a bound synthetic intelligence. Is junk mail piling up in his box? Is he lonely? Maybe you could peek in on him–then give us an update, hmm?

I talk to him from time to time – he’s actually been helping me out on a couple of personal projects, and he’s been a really big help.  I don’t think I talk with him as much as Alex did (or does), though.  I get the feeling he much prefers Alex’s way of talking with him – email is a big climb-down after you’re used to speed-of-thought telepathy.  

From: Celia

Hey Luna!

So in Castle Reach, Variam somehow got the mistaken idea Alex owned a Jaguar. How did Variam find out Alex had kind of sort of stolen the car, and how did Vari react? 😉 Any idea whose car it was? Was there any fallout from the theft/unauthorized use?

Any idea if Hermes has ever met that special blink fox to settle down with? 😉 Still keeping my fingers crossed for fox cubs! (Kits? Pups?)

I was there when Variam found out, and he was startled at first, asked why Alex would need to steal a car second, and then just found it really funny.  It was one of the things that helped him warm up to Alex, I think.  (And no, I don’t know whose car it was.)

I don’t know if Hermes has found a girlfriend, but he does disappear for long stretches of time without telling us where he’s going, so I wouldn’t be all that surprised if he has one and he’s keeping it under wraps.  

From: Bret

1. In a previous question you mentioned that when fire mages go up against other they use physical weapons such as guns or swords or magic that doesn’t involve heat or fire do you know what are the non heat magic attacks they would typically use? Would force/kinetic magic be the main one since Sal Sarque apparently had access to it are their other kinds as well? And does Landis or Vari have magic that is good against other fire mages or are they just use physical weapons?

2. Landis mentioned that he was involved in previous military actions do you know what kind? I only ask since the War with Drakh as far as we know was the only large scale conflict that would have those types of engagements. Do you have an idea of what types of missions Landis went on that he became so competent at leading men into battle? Was it lower level Dark Mages causing trouble, missions with the other Councils, or something else? Again not looking for in depth details just how he got so good in a time of presumably relative peace.

3. Is it possible to detect/sense when Alex uses the Fateweaver? Have you with your magic been able to sense when he is using or is the fateweaver’s magic in general undetectable when he uses it?

1.Kinetic is the most common, I think – it tends to be the one fire mages have the most natural affinity for.  Vari just carries a nonmagical backup.  

2.Peace is a relative term – the Council has quite a lot of low-level fights that they get into on a regular basis.  The Order of the Shield are also the ones who get assigned the ‘black-ops’ style missions that aren’t officially supposed to exist.  I get the feeling that a lot of the jobs that Landis has done are the kinds of things that doesn’t get talked about and never officially happened.

3.I can’t sense it at all.  My magesight is pretty bad, though, so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  I’ve never been much good at the sensing spells that mages always seem to have up their sleeves.

From: Alex

Do you know what the common abilities of mind, charm, and chance adepts are? Not looking for an in depth answers just what the common types are.

Mind – reading surface thoughts.  Charm – making people like you.  Chance – just general short-term good luck.  These are all the most common by a mile, so much so that people sometimes get surprised when they run into mind, charm, or chance adepts that CAN’T do those things.  They’re all among the most basic spells that mages of those types learn, too.

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  1. Celia says:

    Thanks so much for taking time to answer our questions, even when you are so busy! 🙂 Your Ask Lunas really make my week!

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