New book is done.  (Again.)  I sent the manuscript off to my publishers two days ago, exactly on time.

I’ve been working on this pretty much flat-out for the past month and now that it’s finally finished, I’m exhausted.  I’m going to collapse for a bit.  More details next week!

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7 Responses to Finished

  1. atomica says:


  2. Darius says:

    Can’t wait to know more details about your new book. I really hope it’ll be as good as the Alex Verus series. Wish you good luck.

  3. Celia says:

    Congrats!!! Take it easy for a while! 🙂

  4. Katherine says:


  5. Aaron Rusty Lloyd says:

    Excellent! Wahoo! Some well deserved rest!

  6. Adam Darby says:

    Congratulations!!! Great news all around!

  7. Marty Tish says:

    Glad to hear. Nice work!

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