Ask Luna #189

From: Adam

Dear Luna,
Now that the dust has settled and Richard is gone for good I was wondering if anyone has answered the question of why he vanished for years?

Now that the dust has settled and Richard is gone for good, nobody cares.  They’ve all got more pressing problems to worry about.  Besides, how would they find out?

From: Dover

Dear Luna,
How did Starbreeze and Alex first meet? I have this idea that I involved one of them reaching the other from danger but I’m not sure which way around it was. How did it happen?

I actually don’t know.  Alex had a sort of ‘wanderer/journeyman’ phase in between escaping from Richard and settling down with his shop.  It went on for years, and as I understand it he got up to a LOT of weird stuff in that time, including meeting a lot of strange magical creatures.  Starbreeze wasn’t the most unusual, by a long way.

From: Celia

Hi, Luna!

Hope you are well. I was wondering what Ji-yeong was up to these days? Also, did she pilfer Vihaela’s mist cloak? She was near the body for a while, and it wasn’t clear what happened to the cloak. Although it does seem fair for Ji-yeong to get some loot since Alex never DID give her sword back. Shame on him! 😉

– Celia

From: Maya

Hi Luna! Do you know if Ji-yeong ever approached Landis? Did they end up dating? Thank you.

So . . . various stuff happened between those two, but I’m not going to go into details.  Partly because it’s private, partly because I don’t actually know all the details, and partly because it’s very definitely still an ongoing thing and I have no idea how it’s going to turn out.  

From: Olivia

Hi Luna,

Do you have any contact with Alex and Anne these days? Is there any possibility that Alex will discover that he doesn’t like peace and quiet after all, and wants to help others and reenter the fray? (Or maybe something a bit happier, like taking care of magical creatures, or solving mysteries. Or scrapbooking! …Will he be back?)

Also, if a television series were ever to be created, who would be your top choice to play yourself? 🙂

I definitely don’t have any ongoing contact with Alex and Anne and wouldn’t know anything about what they might or might not be doing.  That said, if I were them, I wouldn’t expect them to totally retire.  Think of it as more like . . . taking a break.  I think they kind of deserve one.  

As for a TV series, who knows.  Between the shop and everything else, I don’t have time to watch anything these days!

From: Randal

Why can’t Alex cook? I would have thought using his pathwalking skills he could explore the outcomes to find himself eating something amazing, then work back to see which ingredients, temperatures, etc he used to make the meal?

Doesn’t sound too dissimilar to cracking security codes or finding names by watching for certain reactions in the futures.

There’s a big difference between being able to do something, and being interested in doing something.  Alex can cook just fine, but he’s not actually interested in it.  So he does enough to turn out a competent meal, then stops.  He doesn’t do all the practice and experimenting that people who really enjoy cooking do.  Sure, if he had the interest and motivation then he could probably use that magic of his to produce dishes that were pretty amazing, but he doesn’t.  

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