Video for Fated, BookThing!, and EasterCon

BookThing! have done a very flattering review of Fated:

It’s always a treat to come across an author that raises the bar with his imagination and ability . . . Benedict Jacka has created a brilliant protagonist in the probability mage, Alex Verus.  It might not sound as exciting as a mage who can call fire or disintegrate with a single lash of power but Alex can look into the future and see what options are open to him to get the outcome he needs.  Whether that is to dodge the incoming flames or just not be standing where the lash of power is going to hit; sometimes it’s useful just to get an annoying customer out of the way so he can see deal with something more important.  It can be dizzying the way he can map things out but it’s intricate, unique and very well realised.  I love his personality as well, he can be snarky but has a heart of gold.

Orbit have also put up a video for Fated!  First time I’ve ever had someone do that for my writing, which is very cool.

A few people have been asking if I can make it to EasterCon – the answer is, hopefully!  I’ve tried emailing them but it seems fairly hard to get in touch for whatever reason (I’m guessing they’re busy) and unfortunately the one email I’ve gotten back so far has said they don’t have any panels available.  I would like to go, though, so if you hear of any free slots, drop me an email!

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