More Reviews, & US Fated tomorrow!

Another very nice review, this time from Whatchamacallit:

. . . when you have Jim Butcher endorse an urban fantasy, you can bet it’s going to be a good book. And in the case of Fated, it darn well is . . . Actually, to be honest Fated is better than just darn good, it’s outstanding. Fated takes no time diving into the meat of the story, as readers are introduced into the magic and action within the first few pages. The concept of having a diviner as a protagonist is unique and really makes for some interesting situations. Further the fact that he has to rely on his wits and constantly be looking at the future to make sure he isn’t attacked or threatened, since he has no real powers besides divination, really adds something to the intrigue of the story . . . 

And another one from Candace’s Book Blog!

Fabulous world building, a terrific setting, a complex and unique main character, Fated is the fabulous start to a brand new series . . . On the cover Jim Butcher says that Harry Dresden would like Alex Verus.  I haven’t read the Harry Dresden books yet (shame on me!) but have the first seven or so.  I’m quite certain that it’s a series I’ll adore.  But I can’t compare the two.  I do know that Jim Butcher is suppose to be a fabulous author though and his little blurb gave me some confidence in the book.  But I gotta say, this book should be able to stand on it’s own without any big time author telling us it’s good, cause honestly it’s downright fabulous!

And tomorrow Fated will be getting its US release!  Full post then.

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