Interview Day: I Smell Sheep

Sharon and Danielle from I Smell Sheep have done a review of Cursed and also an interview with me.  The interview was VERY fun to do, so if you want to hear my answers to a whole set of bizarre questions (and listen to Danielle smacking Sharon a lot) go take a look!  They’re running a giveaway too.

And I’m going to be doing another interview tonight, this time live with Fangs for the Fantasy at 10 PM GMT/5 PM EDT.

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4 Responses to Interview Day: I Smell Sheep

  1. JP says:

    Very entertaining — I needed the laugh today!

  2. Love the Halo theme tune music! 😉 That is a fun, and unconventional interview.

  3. Danielle D says:

    Well if I didn’t keep Sharon in line, there is no saying what she would have done to you. Thanks again for the fun and funny interview

  4. Benedict says:

    No problem, I enjoyed it! If you ever want to run something similar drop me an email. 🙂

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