Cursed Blog Tour Special!

Lots of things to link to today!

First, the podcast interview that I did with Fangs for the Fantasy is now online!  I had a very fun hour chatting with my two hosts about the Alex Verus books and the characters and background to the series.

Book Faery is running a guest post of mine, this one on good and evil in the Alex Verus setting, and how it interacts with the Light/Dark division among mages.  There’s another of my guest posts up at That’s What I’m Talking About, this one on my writing process.  Finally, some of you might remember that one of the first guest posts I ever wrote was featured a few months ago on The Qwillery, and it’s now joined by a new one on surprising characters.

And on top of that, we have two more interviews up, from My Bookish Ways and from Bea’s Book Nook!

As before, several of the guys and girls above are running giveaways, so if you’d like to win a copy of Cursed, drop on by.  There are a bunch of new reviews of Cursed as well, so I’ll try to get those up next week!

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