2013 Conventions – US

Currently making tentative plans for a trip to New York next year.  I’d like to schedule it to match up with some conventions, but haven’t yet decided which ones – I’ll post on here when I know more!

In the meantime I’ve been making plans for Alex Verus #5 and catching up on urban fantasy books that came out while I was spending all my time writing.  So far I’ve gotten through Cold Days by Jim Butcher and Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovitch, and I’m about to start Kate Griffin’s Stray Souls.

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8 Responses to 2013 Conventions – US

  1. Well, whenever you decide to come, dinner and/or beer on me. Not literally on me, because ew.

  2. Try to be here on June 29. The little one will be taking a bath at the church. Will send details end of month.

  3. Silva Eden, better double check that date with Michael Eden’s wedding and make sure there’s no conflict.

  4. Ellen That is my date. I told both of them not to make wedding plans for end of June before he even got her the ring. And I told them again when both of them dropped us off at the airport.

  5. Please drop in to visit us in Australia too.

  6. Betty says:

    Whispers Underground is awesome. I’m in the middle of Stray Souls, and, well… Kate’s books are perfect.

  7. John Faragher says:

    Cold Days!!!! Amazing :0)

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