Review Day

It’s been months since I’ve done one of these, so now that the Master and Apprentice series is done at last, I thought I’d go back and collect a bunch of reviews!  Turned out that there were a LOT more than I remembered, so I haven’t linked to all of them – only the ones I especially liked or which I thought were interesting in some way.

I’ve been told by other more experienced authors that I shouldn’t read reviews.  I kind of see their point, but for now I’m carrying on doing it.  Every now and again I get a really nasty one, but for the most part they’re either complementary, fair, or both.  (Besides, I do find a lot of the feedback useful.)

In other news, Alex Verus #5 is creeping along steadily.  I’m finding that as the ongoing story becomes more and more central to the series, the writing seems to be becoming more character-focused.  The downside to this is that with each instalment the backstory becomes more extensive.  I do wonder if I’ll eventually get to the point where it just isn’t practical to keep doing recaps anymore . . . ah well, I’ll worry about that when it happens.

Anyway, on with the reviews!  Sorted by book:


Ross Hamilton at Words By Ross
Review at Bear Mountain Books
Review at Urban Fantasy Fan
Jacey at Jacey’s Journal


Review at Bear Mountain Books
Joshua at The Only Winning Move


Clay Stafford from Killer Nashville
Rebecca at Book Chick City
Bart at Bart’s Bookshelf
Vinca Russell at SFCrowsnest
Renee at Fangs for the Fantasy
Fergus McCartan at Fantasy Book Review

And finally, for a slightly-late Valentine’s day theme, Natassia at Literary Escapism has written a love letter to Alex Verus, which I absolutely loved.  I’ve never had anyone do that for one of my characters before.  🙂

Next Friday will be the first entry in a new Encyclopaedia Arcana mini-series, this one on Advanced Divination.

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2 Responses to Review Day

  1. Ross H says:

    Hi – when I received the ping back for your link, I had to remind myself just what review it was. Only now have I realised that my review was missing a crucial bit of information. My review was actually a repost of the review I posted at the main site I write for:


  2. Benedict says:

    Ah, fair enough. I used that link because it was the first that came up on the search.

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