New Year, New Book

And it’s 2014.  Happy New Year!

With the new year ticking round, the big news for me is that I’ve started the next book in the Alex Verus series, number 6.  (Yes, there are going to be at least three more Alex Verus books after Chosen.  In case you missed the news, here’s the post.)

Alex Verus #6 had a bit of a delayed start – I’d originally been hoping to have begun two months ago, but the time I’d scheduled in for working on the new book was taken up by the extensive revisions to Alex Verus #5, Hidden.  Still, those are all done and dusted now, and my publisher’s happy with Hidden version 2.1, so I can quit worrying about it and focus on number 6.

One thing that’s worked out a little differently this time round is that I’ve ended up planning out the book a lot less extensively.  For Taken, Chosen, and Hidden, I had the first third of each book plotted out before I even started writing.  This time, for whatever reason, it just hasn’t worked out that way, and despite being nearly ten pages into the new book I only have the vaguest idea of what’s going to happen.  The funny thing is, this is actually much closer to how things were when I started the series – back when I began Fated, I really didn’t know where the book was going or how long it’d be.  It does mean I have to think on my feet a lot more, but in a weird way it feels a bit like going back to my roots.

Planning or no planning, though, the book’s going well, and if all keeps to schedule it should be finished by summer and released some time next year – exactly when is anybody’s guess, but Hidden is coming out in September, so number 6 should be out no more than a year after that (and hopefully a little less).  We’ll see how it goes!

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  1. Will you be promoting #5 at Nine Worlds GeekFest and/or Loncon 3 and/or Dublin Eurocon 2014?

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