Delay Day

Had been planning to do an Ask Luna column for today, but got distracted – the current book’s going slower than usual and it’s taking up all of my time.

I hit these blocks from time to time.  Usually it happens either when I haven’t planned out the story in enough detail, and need to stop and work it out, or when I have planned out the story in detail and realise that it needs changing.  (The second one’s much worse.  This delay is the first kind, luckily.)

It’s not really an emergency though – it’s happened before, it’ll happen again, and I’ve gone through it enough times to be used to it (and I doubt it’ll stop me hitting my deadline).  Still tends to make it hard to focus on anything else, though!

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8 Responses to Delay Day

  1. You always put out a stellar product, so a delay now and again is excusable.

  2. Still years faster than George RR Martin…

  3. These things do happen. When one fan tried to gripe at your colleague Jim Butcher when he announced that one book was going to be published three months later than originally estimated, Jim responded, “Well, yeah, I *could* get it out in that time, but it would be half-assed, and I don’t do half-assed. I always prefer whole-assed.”

    Be whole-assed. *nods sagely*

  4. I love it, be whole-assed good one shecky! BTW Already Pre-bought it Benedict Jacka

  5. Marša says:

    Good that it is the first one 🙂 And I keep my fingers crossed that you will solve it soon. Still I find it funny that for me the first one is usually harder to overcome than the second one (I write something from time to time). Apparently it is different for each person 🙂

  6. Nadia Fulana says:

    Take the time you need and satisfy yourself. I’ll buy it whenever it comes out…Nadia

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