Ask Luna #37

From: drizztmajere

Hey Luna,
I am glad to see that Anne and Alex are friends again and that he finally has a focus for dealing with his opponents pesky shields. My question for you is I realize that Alex has a healthy fear of Richard but why hasn’t he used his divination to help him identity what his opponents can do especially with Richard and Morden, because it seems like he is going to need all the knowledge he can get going forward to survive those two and Levistus?

With Morden we already know what the guy can do – he’s a death mage and a really powerful one.

Richard’s harder, because he’s passing – that means he keeps his magic type a secret. Not something that you can get away with in Light circles because they know too much about each other, but a few Dark mages do it. We’ve talked about finding out more, but it’d mean getting up close and personal with Richard, which Alex (funnily enough) isn’t very keen on doing.

The thing is, with guys like this, just figuring out what they can ‘do’ in a physical/magical way isn’t as much help as you’d think, because the real reason they’re so dangerous is their influence. Yes, they can blow you up face to face, but they’re more likely to make a phone call and have someone else drop a building on you while you’re asleep.

From: rena

Hey Luna! Okay about alex’s dreams. Is it me or are the visions getting stronger? Also do you feel it is hard for Alex to tell between vision and dream or do you feel he is in denial? Also did Natasha/Natalie get her comeuppance for attacking you at containers?

Which visions? You mean those trips he takes to Elsewhere? I’m not sure they’re any stronger, it’s just that he’s better at navigating the place. Though better him than me, to be honest. I really wouldn’t want to go back there.

As for Natasha . . . not really. Alex paid a visit to her master, but by the time I was back in London Natasha had been pulled out of all the classes I shared with her and she’s hardly ever been in the same room as me since. So I don’t know what Alex told her master, but it made an impression. I really, really wanted to go after her but Alex flat-out ordered me not to (and when I tried anyway he stopped me). I’m not going to go chasing her, but I’m still hoping to get a shot at her someday.

From: Anton

Hey Luna,
I was wondering, what exactly are wards? How in what ways are they used and can any mage (i.e. Alex) create them? Can you ward yourself?

A ward’s just a spell that’s been placed on a location. Usually when mages talk about them, they mean some kind of protective spell, like something to stop gates or scrying. Alex can’t make them because of how his magic works, and the times that I’ve tried it’s never worked, either.

From: Anton

Hey, Luna a question about imbued spells. It seems as if you can imbue anything with a spell. Constructs, items, an animal (blink fox) and even people (like possibly your curse) My question is, do mages ever imbue themselves in order to use magic they other wise couldn’t like a force mage imbued with lifesight or a mage using a imbued space spell to create an effect similar to “Captain America’s” Storage spell.

You’re mixing up a few different things. Imbued items are a really specific type of top-end magic item that can use magic in its own right because its basically alive. Constructs are completely different – they’re not alive at all, they’re just machines that follow a set of programs. And magical creatures like blink foxes aren’t imbued at all, their magic’s innate, just like your arms and legs.

Putting a spell on someone else is a different thing again. You can do it, but it doesn’t necessarily last and the energy has to come from somewhere. I’ve never heard of a force mage being imbued with lifesight, and I think it wouldn’t really work. The closest you could get would be some kind of focus that did it for him (like a set of goggles or something).

From: Bedragon

hey luna
just wondering it has been said that theoretically time mages can remove certain things from the timeline is it true also if a time and pace mage work together cane they do time travel

Dude. Spelling and punctuation.

Yeah, time mages can remove stuff from the timeline. I think it’s usually temporary, though. Basically, it’s short range future time travel. They make something go a little way into the future. Some people say that they can take stuff out of the timeline completely, but it’s kind of hard to tell whether they’re actually doing that or whether they’re just sending it far enough into the future that no-one can tell the difference.

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