Ask Luna #44

From: Bruce Donohue

Hello Luna. How is the reconstruction of the Shop coming along? Has there been some major new improvements in the living quarters?

I think Alex has mentioned that out of all you, that Anne is the most natural of cooks when you were all living together and you were the most accident prone, what cause Alex to have a CO2 canister near at hand? And since Alex is your sponser,has he ever tried to sign you up for cooking classes other than those to create salves, creams, potions etc?

Always wondered if in your apprenticeship classes if they teach you how to make magical items, armors etc…

What reconstruction? If you mean since that time those adepts blew it up, that was years ago.

And seriously, I wish people would shut up about that fire. It was ONE time. And oil frying is dangerous anyway. As for cooking classes . . . no! I’ve got stuff to do already, I’ve got better things to do with my free time then pretend to be Delia Smith.

From: NoOneWillEverKnow

Hi Luna,

Alex once mentioned he’d found fanfiction of himself on the internet when he googled his shop. He said there was all sorts of stuff but (regrettably) no slash. In your opinion what would be the most a) logical, b) illogical and c) interesting slash pairing for Alex?

The funniest would probably be either Alex with Variam or Alex with Cinder. I kind of want to find a copy of the Alex/Variam one just so I can send the link to Vari and watch him blow his top.

The most squicky one would probably be Alex and Richard. It reminds me of those girls who ship Harry with Voldemort. That’s just wrong.

From: teehee

Hi Luna,

Just wondering whether there are any mage special forces/commandos around? I imagine there are, do you know anything about how to become one or their training?

Yeah, they’re called the Order of the Shield. They’re one of the three Keeper orders. Vari’s master is a member. You pretty much become one the same way you would any other kind of Keeper – usually you join out of apprenticeship.

Vari might end up a member, actually. I’ve a feeling it would suit him.

From: teehee

Hi Luna,

Sorry to bug you again! Just a few random questions that i’ve had in the wee hours of the morning.

Are there any objects that can boost your own magical ability?

Can you see your own curse field or is more of a vague awareness?

Can you tell us more about dragons?

Item-wise, the best way to boost your own magical ability is a focus. They don’t directly boost your power – you still get the same amount of energy out that you’re putting in – but they can make your spells more efficient or give you more options.

I can’t exactly ‘see’ my curse field. Alex tells me that he actually sees it visually, as a silver-grey mist. It’s not like that for me, I don’t have magesight. But the more I’ve been training, the more I can sense it, just not with my eyes. It’s more like a sense of . . . menace, I guess? The air feels kind of tingly and heavy. And when I use my whip it’s like I can feel exactly where it’s going, even with my eyes closed.

Dragons are strange. The teachers in class tell us to stay away from them, that they’re dangerous. Alex has a different take on it, he just thinks they’re so different from us that it’s hard to understand them. The one thing everyone agrees is that they’re really, really powerful. There are legends of mages defeating dragons but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it actually happening where there were witnesses.

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