February Update

veiled_front mech.inddNow that I’ve finally worked through the backlog of Ask Luna questions, I figured it was about time for a news post.

Alex Verus #7 is still coming along, and is somewhere around 70% done.  I’m enjoying writing this one more than the last – I think it’s going to be good!  I’m hoping to finish around the beginning of April, after which it’ll go off to the editors.  Judging by past timescales, it should be coming out some time in mid-2016.

Copyedits on Veiled are done, and the book’s pretty much ready for publication!  There are still a few more touches to do, and after that the proofreading stage, but the manuscript sitting on my hard drive right now is basically the same as the one you guys will be reading in August.  (No, you don’t get to read it until then.  Sorry.  Best I can do is put up the first chapter in extract form around June.)

I’m planning to go to Eastercon this 3rd-6th of April.  Jim Butcher’s going to be there, and there are some tentative plans for some events, so fingers crossed!  More news as I get it.

Other than that, everything’s rolling along smoothly.  The third anniversary of the release of Fated is coming up on March 1st, so I’ll probably do a post in a week or so looking back over the past year.

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  1. My wife and I will also be at Eastercon this year. I hope very much to see you there.

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