UK Audio Release of All Alex Verus Books Up To Hidden

Some good news for this week!  As my US readers who are into audiobooks probably know, the Alex Verus books are all available in the US in audio format, published by Tantor Media.  However, for my UK readers who want an audio edition, the news hasn’t been so good – the only one that’s had a UK audio release has been Fated.

I’m happy to announce that this has just changed!  As of yesterday, Alex Verus numbers #2 through #5 – that’s Cursed, Taken, Chosen, and Hidden – have been released in audio format in the UK.  You can read the Orbit announcement on their website, and you can listen to samples of all the currently available Alex Verus novels on SoundCloud through the links below:


I’m also planning to do some housekeeping and cleanup of this website over the next few weeks – various parts of the site have been somewhat neglected over the past months while I’ve been busy with finishing the last book.  Expect a few minor changes, content edits, etc.  I don’t expect any of the pages to be renamed, though, so any bookmarks should still work.

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