Time Off and Titles

With Alex Verus #7 sent off to my publishers and beta readers, I’ve been relaxing the past week.

The period after I finish a book but before I get my edits back is the closest I get to a real holiday. Technically I can take holidays at any time I like, just like any other self-employed person . . . the only problem is that while I’m doing that, I’m not writing, which means I’m not producing books to sell, which means I’m not getting paid, which tends to take the fun out of holidays after a relatively short period of time. But after I’ve sent off a first draft, there isn’t really any writing to do. I can’t really start work on the next book in the series until the events in the last one are finalised, so while I’m waiting for the edits I can take a break without feeling guilty about it. (It also helps that I usually spend the last month of writing a book in a deadline frenzy, so by the time the manuscript goes out I’m pretty exhausted anyway.)

So I’ve been spending my time relaxing and working on the giant pile of odd-jobs that have accumulated over the past couple of months while I’ve been writing and neglecting everything else. (To those of you who’ve emailed or sent in Ask Luna questions with no response as yet:  this would be why. Sorry.) Should have that sorted out in another week or two.

One piece of news I do have: we have a provisional title for Alex Verus #7! It’s looking like it’ll be called Burned. This is quite a bit earlier in the developmental cycle than for other books, but then this one will be coming out relatively soon, in April 2016; yes, I know that doesn’t sound like soon, but it’s actually pretty quick by publisher standards.

Okay, off to start work on the Ask Lunas. We’ve got at least a couple of weeks’ worth of questions saved up!

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3 Responses to Time Off and Titles

  1. Enjoy your well-deserved time off, sir! Looking forward to reading the next!

  2. go have a pint and play some video games!

  3. MW_1015 says:

    I really enjoy the series, thanks to Jim Butcher, even though I am behind, haven’t read “hidden” yet. I was wondering if “burned” will be the last or are there more to come? You have really managed to write a very down to earth, troubled, resourceful and resilient protagonist. Your writing is in the same league as Butcher in my book and I am super picky about what I read. I have attempted to read another series Jim said was good, Twenty Palaces, but found it dry, boring and very ridiculous. Your Alex Verus books are far far from that.

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