Veiled First Review from Publishers Weekly

With the release date of Veiled drawing swiftly closer (that’s August 4th in the US, or August 6th on this side of the pond) here’s the first review, a nice one from Publishers Weekly:

Jacka continues his consistently smart and exciting urban fantasy series, set in present-day London, with this finely crafted sixth installment (after Hidden). Series protagonist Alex Verus, a diviner who can see multiple futures, is grappling with long- and short-term problems . . . As usual, Jacka’s intelligent extrapolations of magic form the basis for a convincing story that features Alex’s prickly relations with his friends and allies—and that shows how magical powers complicate moral choices rather than simplifying them. Fortunately, Alex is as clever as he is cheeky, a sympathetic and daring grappler with ethical dilemmas.

Full link can be found here, but be warned, it contains spoilers!

In other news, I’ve just started work on the edits for Burned.  Luckily they’re nice and short, so I should be able to wrap them up and start planning work on Alex Verus #8 shortly.

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4 Responses to Veiled First Review from Publishers Weekly

  1. Already ordered in print and on kindle!

  2. A friend shared an advanced copy, loving it!!

  3. Sherry Blackford says:

    Preordered on Kindle and really looking forward to it! I’ve been telling my friends about Alex Verus. Thank you for all your hard work!

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