Ask Luna #54

From: Geli

Hello Luna,

it has been quite some time, I hope you are well.
After hearing from Alex and your last adventure, I can’t help but wonder again. So hopefully you don’t mind to indulge me. 🙂

Since the incident with the adept gang out for revenge, Alex seems to take a lot of care to not kill anyone. Is that a deliberate decision to stay low in the current political climate, or has something within Alex changed?

Have you heard how Sonder is doing or if he might forgive Alex? I am kind of missing him. He might have high moral standards, and be a bit of a prick about them, but he was a good friend and reliable.

Does it not feel strange to know that there might be a lot more Light Mages out to kill Alex, than Dark Mages? After all, Morden and Richard (and pretty much every other Dark Mage we’ve seen) seem to respect Alex and what him on their side. While Levistus (and probably his entire faction) now just wants Alex dead.

Last question… if it is a question of survival, could you imagine being a Dark Mage, Luna?

Greetings from Germany

Alex has always had issues with killing anyone unless they try to kill him first, but since that August he’s definitely changed. The thing with those adepts really cut him up, I think – both with what happened and then how Anne and Sonder took it afterwards.

As for Sonder, I haven’t heard from him for a while. He’s been off on this exchange program with the US, going to Washington to meet the high-up political types. I’m pretty sure he and Alex haven’t been talking. As for whether that’ll change . . . I dunno. He’s good at what he does, I guess, but I’ve got the feeling he wants more than I want to give.

Re: Light and Dark mages, no, it doesn’t feel strange. Ever since what happened with Griff, I’ve had trouble trusting the Council, and being in the apprentice programme hasn’t really changed that. They’re nice and polite to your face, and you’ll get talking to them, and then right when you’re starting to feel comfortable someone will say something or ask something, just a little passing comment, and all of a sudden you get reminded about just how much they don’t care about anyone who isn’t another Light mage. It’s not something I say out loud, but honestly, I’m not sure that being a Dark mage would be that bad. It’s pretty much do what you want, when you want.

From: Frog

Dear Luna,
You seem to be an experienced dueller, and have also had more than your fair share of combat experience. Judging from your past experiences, your curse-whip seems to be able to snuff out things like fire and air. What type of combat magic would your spell ot be able to combat in a dueal situation? Thanks.

Pretty much all of them. I haven’t yet found a spell that my curse can’t mess up with enough work. The issue is reaction time and exposure time. If a fire blast’s half a second away from hitting, then sending my curse out might help, but it’s not enough.

From: Bre

Hi Luna,

In Fated, Morden told Alex that Richard went to great lengths to recruit him, and more recently in Veiled Levistus said that he had no conception of how far back Richard had chosen his steps. Does Alex have any suspicions at this point that Richard might have been more involved in his life than he realized? Helikaon has worked with Dark mages before; could Richard have arranged for him to teach Alex divination? Could he have been arranging things to ensure that Alex became his apprentice ever since he came into his powers, or maybe even in his childhood? Creepy thought, but it does seem like something Richard would be capable of. Have you guys talked about it?



Ugh, I don’t know. Alex tends to go silent when I mention Richard, so while we’ve talked about it, the conversations don’t last very long.

It’s definitely creepy, and I suppose it’s possible, but I can’t believe that Richard could have been working back THAT far. I mean, he’s just a guy. Yes, he’s a mage, and from what Alex and everyone else says he’s a really dangerous one, but he doesn’t control everything. I don’t think that the times Alex messed with his plans were all part of a bigger plan. It feels to me more like Alex DID mess up Richard’s plans, it’s just that Richard adapted to it.

From: blackmass

hey luna I wonder with alex being with the keepers, will he be upgrading his gear cause his usual stuff apart from the armor and mist cloak may not cut it anymore

I’m not sure what he’d upgrade his gear to. I mean, Alex has got a ton of stuff already – he’s got a cabinet in the safe room with swords and machine guns and imbued items and God knows what else. The thing is, most of the time he doesn’t use them because they wouldn’t really help. I asked Alex once why he doesn’t carry his bigger weapons more often, and his answer was basically: because it wouldn’t help. A machine gun would draw attention and make him a bigger target, and it still wouldn’t be enough to take on a battle-mage, so what’s the point?

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