Burned UK Release

And a couple of days later (as usual) the British readers get it too.  Alex Verus #7 is available outside of the US as of today!


Tomorrow’s post will probably be a collection of reviews, and possibly a link to my PW interview (though probably not – I’m doing it today, but I don’t know exactly when it’ll go live).  For now, I’m back to writing book #8!

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7 Responses to Burned UK Release

  1. Our copy arrived yesterday from Amazon!

  2. Nearly missed this! Thanks Benedict Jacka, I’ll download this shortly 🙂

  3. Dr Sarah says:

    *Whoa.* That ending… OK, how long do we have to wait till the next one?

    Also… GO, Luna!!

  4. Dr Sarah says:

    …actually, just saw you’re currently madly stressed out trying to finish it, so maybe that wasn’t the most tactful question right now and forget I asked it. Will look forward to updates!

  5. 5 STARS on AMAZON: A great novel! Alex has finally confronted his The Kobayashi Maru scenario. The famous no-win scenario that was part of the curriculum for command-track cadets at Starfleet Academy in the 23rd century. primarily used to assess a cadet’s discipline, character and command capabilities when facing an impossible situation, as there is no (legitimate) strategy that will result in a successful outcome.

    Non stop action as Verus and his friends Luna, Anne and Varium are marked for death and the clock is counting down. His friends who have supported Alex and he in turn has supported them become his Achilles heel. No one can catch a diviner unless he himself allows it. Alex is confronted with a no win choice. He can run and hide and his friends will be destroyed. Or he can allow himself to be captured and destroyed.

    What will he do?

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