NYCC Next Week!

Okay, so I’ve finally got my itinerary for New York Comicon.  I’ll be at the Penguin booth on the Friday, number #2208, signing copies of Fated between 11 AM and 12 AM.

The bad news is that that’ll be the only event I’ll be doing.  Long story short, I had other stuff lined up, but then was told that it had been cancelled.  To make matters worse, this meant that I wasn’t given any entry badge, which I wasn’t told about until long after the ticket sales deadline, meaning that I’ll have to rely on borrowing a badge from the Penguin staff to get in.  The whole thing’s been really awkward to deal with, and honestly, it’s left me wondering if this particular convention is worth it.

Anyway, hope to see some of you there!  Work’s going well on Alex Verus #9, and the copyedits for Bound are under way too.  I’ll try to schedule a couple of posts for the next couple of Fridays while I’m in the USA.

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3 Responses to NYCC Next Week!

  1. D says:

    Benedict. Are you going to be doing book signings anywhere else in NYC or sounding area? I only started looking for comicon tickets after you said you were coming, but could not get any (… thank God! That would have been a waste.) But you fans may still want to say hello and get some books signed outside of that of that overpriced (undervalued) cosplay venue, if possible. Hope it’s possible.

    Thank you.

  2. Benedict says:

    No current plans for signings outside of the convention – my publishers haven’t set any up and I don’t know any bookshops in the area.

  3. Robert Mandell says:

    Just listen to my favorite audiobook Chosen on youtube. Did you know all your books are posted there? The awesome final battle scenes where fabulous and played “All along the Watchtower” by Hendrix in the background during Alex’s final battle with Will!
    Do you have a favorite battle scene from any of your books?

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