Alex Verus in Russia

Was going to do another Ask Luna this week, but instead I’ve got a bit of news which I’m just now able to share:  the Alex Verus series is going to be published in Russia!  The publisher is Eksmo, and they’ve just contracted to publish Fated, Cursed, and Taken.  Exact date isn’t specified yet, but should be within a year or so.  Although not too many people know about it, Russia actually has a quite a strong home-grown urban fantasy market of its own, with some of their authors having been translated and re-published in the UK and US – the most famous is probably Sergei Lukyanenko with his Night Watch series.  So it’s pretty cool to be published there in turn.

Other than that, I’m working away on Book 9.  I’m past the first, most difficult section now, so hopefully it’ll be downhill all the way from here.

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  1. Congratulations! That is great news!

  2. Great news! Is it going to be in English or translated into Russian?

  3. congrats!!! Was so great to see you guys!!!

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