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Well, now that the excitement of the release of Bound is over, it’s back to work on Alex Verus #9.  I’ve had quite a few people ask me when it’s going to be out, and the answer, unfortunately, is not anytime soon.  The book’s around 65% done, and my publishers typically take 10-12 months to turn a first-draft manuscript into a published book, so expect at least a year.  I’ll get it sent off as soon as I can!

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  1. Serack says:

    It’s my understanding that a 3 month turnaround is particularly fast for the industry, which implies that your manuscripts are relatively high priority to them. I hope you make hard cover soon!

  2. Bruce Donohue says:

    Wow Benedict, I read Bound in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down and I am simply amazed and utterly thrilled where things are progressing with Alex. I do agree he needs to get more powerful and look forward to seeing how he develop more skills with the dreamstone and what the results will be. Look forward to seeing Alex delve into the Monkey Paw to get answers in order to find ways on how to help Anne. Looking forward to you fleshing out Richard more and more. Though technically to Alex he is a villain, but you know the more we get to see of Richard the more we get swept up in wanting to know more about him and what makes him tick. That for all that Alex went through under Richard’s roof while he was an apprentice, that as see more of Richard, you are getting to like him. There are nuances, a depth to him, and whether Alex admits it or not a sort of a father figure relationship going on there the is so subtle in its undertones. That there are anti-hero qualities to him. The great villain’s are real and you are fleshing him out to be a great one indeed.

    Now for the Elephant in the room, my mind is spinning at all the possibilities of Alex now being the Acting Junior Council Member for the Dark Mages, a stroke of pure brilliance and ultimate irony. That Morden’s future relationship with Alex will be interesting to say the least, and all the consequences of Alex being the Junior Councilman. If Alex thought he was done with all the BS, subterfuge, manipulations and deceit of the Council, well he is for shocking surprise. I have been hooked from Book 1 but now I can’t wait for next year already for book 9.

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Benedict! Loved Bound. Ending was genius. How is it selling? I finished Bound and wanted more “Urban Fantasy” so I started to re-read the Dresden series. I finished the first book and the next day, in my Facebook feed, there was an add for another series of which I have never heard called the “Alistar Stone Chronicles”. The hook for the add was, “Waiting for Dresden?”. I bought the books. I have no idea how FB knew I was reading the Dresden series. I bought the first Dresden book years ago on iBooks… Anyway, there was a healthy discussion comparing the two series and their characters. I wanted to mention your books but I thought that would be tacky. However, it appears that there are many readers out there craving books with a similar feel. Similar marketing with FB for the Alex Verus series might bring in a lot of new Alex fans. Just a thought. Can’t wait for #9!

  4. Michael says:

    Hi Benedict
    Fellow Brit who is loving your work. Anyone who complains of how “long” it takes you to write has obviously never tried to write anything themselves.

    Hope these comments help to motivate you through all the difficult parts of your writing process.

    Now for my guess about Richard [potential spoilers]
    I believe he is obviously a space mage (from clues in the book and your wonderful encyclopaedia).
    I don’t often enjoy spoiling things by figuring them out before hand but if this is true I’d be overjoyed.

    All the best for the future

  5. Nick says:

    Read bound
    That shit was awesome
    Good luck for the next one

  6. Chris says:

    I’m super excited to read BOUND. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the other books in the series. I’m working on releasing my own book at the moment, due out June 1. Once that’s done, I’ll be diving in to Bound. Thanks for creating such a fascinating world, Mr. Jacka.

    P.S. If anyone is interested in taking a look at my own book, look up “Mason Gray” on GoodReads or Amazon. Mr. Jacka, if you’d like a copy, I’ll be happy to send you one.

  7. Bola says:

    Just finished reading Bound and my head is officially ‘blown’. DAYUM!!!
    I’ve been recommending your books to all and sundry ever since I came across ‘Fated’ and that recommendation is about to be seriously tagged with ‘His shit only gets better’.
    Thanks brother.

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