Ask Luna #80

From: DrizztMajere

Hi Luna,
I am sorry I have been on the fate kick recently, but this magic really intrigues me. My question is when Alex was using fate magic, did it feel like a mixture of divination, force, and time magic to him?

Another question is does Arachne ever talk about kids if she has any?

He’s never said anything like that. It could have been like that, I suppose, but given what was happening at the time, it probably wasn’t the uppermost thing on his mind.

And no, she doesn’t talk about it. I could ask, but it seems a bit awkward. It’s not like there are many giant intelligent male spiders around . . .

From: Logan Mayfield

Hey Luna!
I was wondering how many types of magic/mages there are. For example illusion magic wasn’t introduced until book 6. Then there was the light magic that was introduced in the bubble realm of book 7, which wasn’t even given a name. Thanks! (PS, I accidentally commented the same thing on #78, then I realized that was a comment on that one, not a post. Thanks again)

Pretty much as many as you decide you want. The magic types aren’t separate, they blend into one another (Is a storm mage the same thing as a lightning mage? Beats me). There are also lots of rare obscure ones like gravity which you hardly ever run into, but which are definitely out there.

From: West

Hey Luna,
Couldn’t you just pour your curse into a very large inanimate object, like a building? As you said your curse doesn’t effect inanimate objects very well, so pouring all you curse in a huge building would get rid of the effects so therefore you could make physical contact with people till it came back. And in one of the books when your were fighting belthas, you used to much of your curse and you tripped(bad luck) so your curse would have to run out eventually. Thanks!

That would be kind of like sticking a bucket under a waterfall and waiting for the water to be used up. I’d be waiting a really long time. Mages don’t “run out” of magic, and neither do I. You can get too tired to use it, but it doesn’t just turn off or anything.

From: Samuel

what about lightning magic and is there a mage that can control metal?

What about it?

And yes. Sort of.

From: Anneliese

Hi Luna,

Did you select (or were you given) a mage name? Alex says his mage name is Verus and he has commented when other mages don’t use one. Thanks.

Yup. Took me a while, but I found one that felt right.

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