Ask Luna #96

From: Gurndolf

Hi Luna! I’ve got a question on the dream stones, do they have their own will? Can they influence their user?


In theory they’re supposed to be just focuses, which means they aren’t alive and they don’t have their own goals to exert influence towards. From some of the things Alex has said, though, I’m not sure if that’s true. Arachne mentioned that they don’t fit neatly into the imbued item/focus categories.

From: Mage_David

Are you familiar with Witchfest? It is the biggest gathering of Occultists in Europe? This year it will be held in Brighton, in October.

First I’ve heard of it.

From: andy deal

Hey Luna, just two quick questions. What does it mean to say that with the Dreamstone Alex can physically enter Elsewhere. And can Alex do more than communicate with someone when he reaches out with the stone. I’m really curious about Elsewhere and his new deep diving ability

I have no idea about the first one, since Alex hasn’t been able to do it, and as far as I know no-one else thinks it’s even possible. As for the second, it’s supposed more than just communication, it’s more like a two-way link. Not sure exactly what the difference is in practice, but Arachne seems to think it’s important.

From: Allomancer Jack

Dear Mistress Vesta,

I see a lot of people asking you things you don’t know, so here’s one that might be more up your alley.

Now that you’ve got a full grasp of your powers (it’s not a curse, just a different form of chance magic!) are you now able to take public transport or fly on planes? Could you just hang out at the beach and get a tan?

Congrats again! And I’m proud to see how far you’ve come.

Best wishes,

Well, I could always hang out on the beach, it’s just that now it’s a lot safer. Though I sunburn really easily.

As for public transport, yeah, I can actually use it these days. Rush hour on the Tube is a bit tricky, but something like an overground train is no problem at all. Sad thing is, now that I can do it, I don’t really need it anymore, since anywhere I want to get to I can usually get a gate stone or catch a ride with someone who can gate themselves. I’ve still done it a few times, though, just to prove I can.

From: Allomancer Jack

Dear Mistress Vesta,

Sorry for sending two questions at once but I forgot to ask one. Are you ever tempted to talk to the dragon yourself?

Best wishes once again,

I’ve thought about it once or twice, but no, I’m not, for two reasons. First, there’s nothing I desperately want to find out. I mean, there are things I’d LIKE to find out, but there’s nothing I NEED to find out. And going just out of curiosity feels like a bad idea. I’ve had a bit of experience with these sorts of powers now, and one thing I’ve learned is that they always come with price tags. You’re better off solving your problems on your own.

From: Kurt Von Bosse

Hello Luna/Vesta, and thank you for answering my last set of questions.

I was wondering, does the Light Council have an official ceremony for announcing your Mage name to the rest of the magical community? If so, I’d guess dark mages simply tell people their new name and let word get around.

Second question: Thinking about Alex’s new position, do you know; in general terms, what the function of the Junior Council is as opposed to the Senior. I was thinking that even if you don’t know specifics you might have learned from Alex the type of issues Junior Council members sometimes deal with.

I almost forgot. Has Alex had to find an assistant to fill the job position he performed for Mage Morden or perhaps one was appointed to him?

For their naming, Light mages usually throw a party. Depending on how famous/ambitious their master is, it can be a quiet dinner with friends or a big social event with lots of networking.

The big difference between the Junior and Senior Council is that the Senior Council gets to vote on resolutions and the Junior Council doesn’t (they’re supposed to be advisors/administrators). Other than that, they have the same rights and privileges that the Senior Council do.

And yes, Alex has had several tries at finding an aide. There have been problems.

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