Something different today!  An artist by the name of Gergana Hristova has done some fanart of the Alex Verus series – I came across it while browsing her review of the series on Goodreads, and loved the drawings, so asked her if I could post them here.  Take a look!

The images are also at the review (along with some funny comic strip reactions) and you can see more of Gergana’s art at her tumblr.

Alex with the relic from Fated.

Alex again.

Alex and Onyx.



Cinder, Anne, and Sonder.

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4 Responses to Fanart!

  1. Daryle says:

    Beautiful but I picture all of them older and a bit less pretty. Especially Morden and Levistus. Cinder always pops in my imagination as being much more brutish and Alex as much less put together. Oh well that’s my two cents worth.

  2. Sean says:

    I bet you made her day.

  3. Hannah says:

    You really underestimate how much the fans love Onyx. The review is spot on

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