Ask Luna #99

From: Malachi

Are certain mage hybrids impossible?
Like a hybrid between a Fire & Ice mage or a Diviner & Probability mage?

I don’t know if they’re actually impossible, but there are lots of combos that I’ve never ever heard of. Those two would be some of them. I get the feeling that the personality traits to be one rather than the other might be so contradictory that you’d never get both together.

From: Craig Belcher

Hello Luna,
Did Alex build a mansion or cottage in The Hollow shadow realm? It would be the ultimate safe house. That is until the dryad emerges from her cocoon.

‘Mansion’ is overselling it a bit. It’s more like a pre-fab hut. He’s expanding it though. I have a little den as well, but I prefer my flat.

From: Hazel

Hey Luna, thanks for asking my questions. I have a few more for you if you don’t mind.
You said magic sort of shows itself when you go through puberty, does that mean girls get their magic earlier then boys? I know that it varies from person to person but the average of girls start earlier than boys. Does this mean that girls get apprenticed earlier or is it generally after you have finished school?
Does Vari and Anne know about Martin wishing for Alex’s magic?
If Martin had kept Alex’s magic, how do you imagine Alex reacting?
At that point in time I mean, Alex has grown quite fair mile since then. If Alex had lost his magic but stayed alive, do you think he would have ever gotten it back? Alex once said that if you really want your magic to go away, it will with time. Does it work the other way around? Do you think Alex could live without his magic?
Does Vari have a mage name?
If not money, what do Liaisons and Keepers get paid? Why do they stay at their jobs? Is it for power?

Girls tend to start showing their magic slightly earlier, yeah, but it doesn’t seem to have much effect on average apprentice age for whatever reason.

We’ve told Anne and Vari the general story, though I wasn’t too specific on the details. I’m pretty sure Alex doesn’t want to revisit those particular memories and I don’t think I came out of the whole business looking all that great either.

I’m pretty sure that losing his magic would have left Alex dead, crazy, or both, so I don’t have many answers for you as far as that goes.

Yup, Vari has a mage name.

Liaisons and Keepers get paid a salary, yeah, though I doubt it’s a big motivator. Why they stay in their jobs . . . well, they enjoy it, presumably, and the power’s probably part of that. But there’s also perks. You get a lot of side benefits from being part of the Council’s enforcement divisions, and some of those benefits are the kind that you can’t buy with cash.

From: Bruce Donohue

Hello Luna,
I don’t know if anyone else thought about this theory or not but I will let it fly anyway…

After re-reading all the books and all the little hints here and there, my theory is that Richard is Alex’s real Father.

Oh please god no.

From: Eric Fluellen

Hello, how are you doing I was wondering as I’m reading through your books I sometimes get the feeling that this entire series has already happened, as though Alex is telling his memoir to a reporter of some sort, would comment please.

No, you guys hear about stuff as it happens, though there’s a time lag of a couple years or so. If the stories ever stop it probably means something bad’s happened.

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  1. kevin p bianchi says:

    Are most hybrids complimentary? Like a space/force mage that manipulates gravity? Or a water/ice mage? Do some mages change their magic type over time as their personality changes? Great stories

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