Ask Luna #102

From: Harlow

Now that you’ve learned to kind of control your curse more, can you drive? Have you ever wanted to try and get your license? Are gas prices as ridiculous as they are over here (I’m from Canada)?

Are you a cat person or dog person?

In theory I could learn to drive now, yeah, but there are about fifty things I’d rather be doing than taking lessons. I suppose I might get around to it some day when things aren’t so crazy. Oh, and petrol prices are probably worse, if anything, plus we get the fun of London traffic and the congestion charge.

Cats are pretty nice, but I prefer dogs.

From: Justin


Alex seems like an idiot. He keeps making the same mistakes over and over, and it is getting hard to root for him. Also, Drakh better have a damn good reason not to kill him.

Drakh ‘better have a good reason’? What are you going to do if he doesn’t, go knock on his door and complain? As for who you’re rooting for, from what I’ve heard from you so far, I don’t think you’re the best qualified to be making judgements about other people’s brainpower.

From: Henesys

Hi Luna!

1. What’s Onyx doing now that Morden’s in jail?

2. Alex mentioned that some masters have multiple chosen over the course of many years. If there can be more than one, what does a chosen do? How are they different from regular apprentices?

1. Onyx has set up his own personal cabal, which has attracted some of the most unpleasant Dark mages and adepts I’ve ever heard of, and he’s generally trying to cause trouble and doing a good job of it. Only consolation is that he seems to be as much of a pain in the neck for Richard as he is for everyone else.

2. A Chosen’s basically what Dark apprentices get promoted to. Sort of like a senior apprentice who’s also assumed to be the mage’s heir. If they’re an apprentice then there’s still a question mark hanging over them, but once they get the Chosen title it means the mage is committing to them in a big way.

From: Claudia

Hi Luna,
It’s great to see you as a mage and I like your mage name Vesta. I was wondering.. how good your control over your chance curse is actually. Du you think it’s good enough to seriously consider having some shared intimate moments? You know, it seems to me quite difficult, kind of a juxtaposition, to let go while still controlling the curse. Or is Arachne the one helping you out?

Best wishes C

Yes, this is something I’ve thought about, no, I’m not going into details on the Internet. Let’s just say it’s a work in progress.

Arachne has helped me out regarding my curse from time to time, but I don’t like to get too dependent on it. I want the control to come from me.

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