All Caught Up

I’m actually caught up on Ask Luna questions.  It’s been so long since that happened, I can’t remember when it was.

Still working on Alex Verus #10, but in the meantime I’ve started to think about the next book (or series of books) I’ll write.  The end of the Alex Verus series isn’t close, but this is the first time I’ve seriously thought about it.

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3 Responses to All Caught Up

  1. Larry Kuderick says:

    Well, you have won this reader over for life, so I’m sure whatever universe you write in, I can guarantee that you count me in. However, I do hope you will re-visit the Verus universe at some point with a new character and perhaps have Alex and the crew as secondary characters.

  2. Ginevra says:

    I’ll be looking forward to whatever it is!

  3. Karen Drury says:

    Oh dear… we’ve looked over the edge and imagined the unimaginable. It’s a bit like divorce, I think. You can’t think of life without the other person and then you can, and then you’re paying over a whacking great sum to the lawyer.

    I hope you’re not stopping soon, when Alex gives me SUCH a lot of joy. Could you try counselling?

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