Ask Luna #106

From: Child of Amber

I am starting to think Richard is not the Big Bad. I am not even sure he is drown three kittens before breakfast Evil. I am thinking he knows Something is Coming. Something big and implacable and he has been working hard for a long time to head it off. Or maximize his benefit when it comes. But I keep going back to that last scene with Alex and Richard fighting… adjacent (?) to each other. Richard could have ended Alex or left him to die or just stay quiet the whole time. And the tone was not “I am doing this because it is solely to my benefit”. It would certainly help alot to know 1) Richard’s true talents and 2) what is up with those Gateways and whatever is on the other side. I know it is easy for me in a comfy chair to ponder these things while you are at the sharp end of Richard’s attentions, but I wonder what you think of this idea. It would be truly disturbing if it was the Light side trying to bring in Something Old to put down the Dark Mages and we would need to root for Team Richard to prevent the unthinkable.

You’re REALLY optimistic. Yeah, Richard isn’t the drown-kittens-for-fun type. He’s still really bad news for anyone who gets too close. He doesn’t want Alex dead, but I’m pretty sure that’s because he’s got plans for him, not out of the kindness of his heart. I’m not going to say too much about what happened recently, but let’s just say that what he’s done lately hasn’t given us any more reason to like him (or to be less scared of him).

From: Fade

I believe I recall Morden mentioning that most of the Councilors’ business is run through the PA’s, and I was wondering whom Alex dragooned into taking the roll. It would have to be somebody who can take care of themselves in a fight, just in case the Crusaders haven’t given up on torturing information out of the designated Dark Representative’s assistants. Anne maybe? Because she’s already on their shitlist and might therefore not suffering as much increased personal risk as you or Vari? Vari? Because he has the protection of Landis? I figured it’s not you, because you just got a job running your own store.

Good call on your part. Alex tried a couple of noncombatant types, and it didn’t work too well, for pretty much the reasons you guessed. Alex probably would have asked me if I didn’t have the shop, but I just don’t have the time. Besides, I wouldn’t really want to spend 10 hours a day hanging around the War Rooms anyway.

From: Cansky

What do you think about the initial effects of Alex’s dreamstone regarding Anne?

And if you had to guess, what effects did Anne’s dreamstone have on her?

Do you think if Anne and Alex will ever be together?

1. Don’t know what you mean.

2. None, I hope? Bit worrying to think that it might have. Still, she didn’t have it for long.

3. Ask a diviner.

From: Simon

Hi Luna

If at the beginning of the books Alex can only do one type of magic, shouldn’t he be called an adept?

also please don’t die, you’re awesome, if you die I’ll cry DON’T DIE LUNA, PLEASE

Oh, not that question again. I’ve answered it like five times now. Do a Google search on this site or something.

And relax, I’m not going to die anytime soon. If there’s one thing my curse is good at, it’s keeping me safe.

From: BlackMass

is Alex still beholden to Drakh even with his council seat, also do fear the day Richard comes to see you to see the former apprentice of his former apprentice?

Alex doesn’t think he’s beholden anymore. Whether Richard sees it the same way’s another question. So far he hasn’t made any moves.

I’ve yet to actually meet Richard face to face. He doesn’t seem to have taken an interest in me, and honestly, I’m fine with that. I don’t mind hanging out with some types of Dark mages but I’m not stupid.

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