PW review for Marked

Continuing in our series of Publisher’s Weekly reviews for my books, here’s the instalment for No. 9.  

The complex ninth novel in Jacka’s outstanding urban fantasy series adds substantially to protagonist Alex Verus’s self-understanding as he prepares for the ultimate showdown with Machiavellian dark mage Richard Drakh, his onetime mentor . . . as he realizes what a long game his enemy is playing, Alex must recognize that his own ambitions may also be dangerous. The story moves briskly along with skillful character development, but by now so much lore from the first eight books has accumulated that even series fans may have to stop to figure out who’s doing what . . . this is not a good place to begin reading the series, but the series itself is very, very good, and once readers have refreshed their memories, they’ll eagerly dive into this installment.

US release date is July 3rd, so only one month to go!  

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