Ask Luna #111

From: Hrok

I was wondering if there was anything more you could tell us about the nature of jinn magic in light of recent events. It almost seemed from reading Alex’s account that the jinns power is at least partly related to elsewhere. In addition to taking up residence in Anne’s elsewhere, the Jinn’s magic appeared to be fully functional, if undirected, while Anne’s was not. In fact, the flexibility of the Jinn’s desire magic is somewhat similar to the malleability of elsewhere, a location where one’s “desire” shapes reality. Sorry for yet another question about jinn!

Thank you,


It’s not a bad question – trouble is, I have zero clue what the answer is. When it comes to jinn, the apprentice program didn’t teach me anything useful at all. Alex knows more, but it’s still mostly guesswork, and most of what he does know is second-hand from Arachne. Richard seems to know the most of all, but he’s not talking. Your idea does sound like it makes sense though.

From: Jenna

Okay, Luna, I’d like your female perspective about something I’ve always wondered about Alex’s appearance. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = not at all; 10 = totally hot), how handsome is he?

Depends how frustrated I am. Go back five years and pretty much all a guy needed was to be height-weight proportionate and have a pulse.

I’d probably put him at about a seven back when we first met, and more like an eight these days. Since he started training with Anne he’s lost a fair bit of weight and he’s got a kind of lean, hungry thing going that looks good on him.

From: Jim

Hi Luna,

I really respect how you have changed and become more mature over time. Sign of a great person!

I want to point out again that our friend Lyle has gotten into the middle of things. The real question is whether it is his fault or that is Undaris (spelling apologies I listen to the Audio Books). Undaris seems so different than the rest of the Senior Council, that he might be hiding in plain sight. I mean there had to be the push of Alex into the prison and he had to have Anne come with him in order for the escape to work.

So, we reach this critical juncture and there is Lyle in the middle of everything ensuring that the right people are in place for Richard’s Plan to work. Seems quite convenient.

Also, our friend Richard (and he is just a cute cuddly teddy bear) will have his first real beef with Alex. Has Alex started panicking about this?

I’ve got some serious concerns about the kinds of teddy bears you seem to know.

I guess it could be true? Lyle and Undaaris just seem like such nonentities compared to the movers and shakers on the Council. I guess they could be hiding in plain sight. Be a hell of a trick, though.

From: Fanfan

Hi Luna,
Could the dreamstone’s telepathy allow Alex to contact Starbreeze?

Funny you should mention that.

From: SparrowHawk


I know Alex has a lot on his plate but really how difficult is it to say those three words ‘I love you’ to Anne. I mean he’s had five years – aargh. Please can you give him a slap and point the silly idiot in the right direction. I really don’t want to have to cross the veil and do it myself…

PS I hear tonic is the best thing to go with Jinn 😉

Sparrowhawk – reality adept

Funny you should mention that, too.

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  1. Mix says:

    “I’ve got some serious concerns about the kinds of teddy bears you seem to know.”

    Freakin’ grizzly bears, Luna. They dangerous as shiz

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