Fallen Is Finished!

And we’re done!  The first draft of Alex Verus #10, aka Fallen, is finished and sent off to my publishers.  

I wrote a breakdown of the writing process for one of my Alex Verus novels a while ago, and at this point we’re officially out of stage 3 (first draft) and into stage 4 (waiting for edits).  I don’t know how long stages 4-5 will take, but I don’t anticipate it causing any delay.  

There are going to be a total of 12 Alex Verus novels, which means that with the completion of Fallen, I’m 5/6ths of the way through the series.  So I’m only going to be at this moment (namely, finishing an Alex Verus book) two more times.  Odd feeling.  

For now, I’m going to take a break and catch up on my email – I tend to get really behind with my website email when I’m midway through a book, and I have emails in my inbox from the spring and summer that I still haven’t answered.  Soon enough I’ll hear back from my editors and I’ll figure out what changes and rewrites Fallen needs, but for now, I get to rest.

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4 Responses to Fallen Is Finished!

  1. Eric says:

    That’s awesome. Thank you for the update. Now I can start counting down the days until it’s released

  2. JemAs says:

    I just finished book 9. This is hands down my favorite series ever. Thank you for your awesome talent.

  3. Donna Wood says:

    Just discovered Alex Verus, finished Fated today. Am so pleased there are many more books to enjoy. Not your usual reader: I’m 74 years old, Born in Detroit, but been in Australia for almost 50 years. Always hated fantasy books, but loved “Fated”. Now a Verus convert. You have a way with words!

  4. Blaine Savini says:

    I want more than 12 books. If you stop at twelve I may have to report you to the Laundry Files or get this Chicago investigator to look into it!

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