Ask Luna #123

From: Lisa

Is there a reason Elementalists can create/use gate magic? That type of magic seems more universal, is there a layman’s explanation for why the most direct/physical use of magic can create them?

I asked in one of my classes once and got told that it was because elementalists are the ones who are best at directly affecting the physical world, which gate magic counts for. I never thought it was a very good explanation, honestly. I think they don’t know themselves.

From: Joshua

Hey, In the first Chapter of Chosen you and the crew were sitting around the coffee table playing an interesting sounding board game but the name of the game never seamed to come up. what game were you guys playing I think i might like playing it.

If it’s the one I think you mean, it was Settlers of Catan. Fun game, haven’t played it in a while.

From: Isaac

Do you know the extent of what Vihaela’s hybrid magic can do? It seems she can do most of what regular life and death mages can do individually, is this normal or is it just because she is a really powerful mage?

It’s not normal, she’s just really powerful. I’ve never gotten close enough to get a good look myself, but Alex has and he thinks she can do about 90% of what your average death mage can and about 50% of what your average life mage can as well. So she can heal, and weaken, and kill, and she can do it at range. The one saving grace is that she doesn’t have the ability that pure life mages do of being able to go through defensive magic like shields, but that’s not much consolation if you can’t make shields (like most people).

From: Connor

Have you heard anything about the Precursor artifacts Richard supposedly has? As far as I can tell the Dark Cabal has only been using the imbued items, do you think that Richard is lying about having them? They seem too powerful not to use at least a few of them by now.

On a side not does Richard and Morden’s group of dark mages have an official name by mage society? I used Dark Cabal as a placeholder seems to be fit them perfectly.

I don’t actually know what these Precursor artifacts are supposed to be. I don’t think the Council does either, it’s just their way of saying ‘he can do some stuff that we can’t explain’. It might not be anything to do with artifacts at all.

Dark cabals are usually named after their leader, so it just gets referred to as Drakh’s cabal (by the Council) or Richard’s cabal (by us).

From: Austin

These are questions that have to do with the jinn so I thought I would divide them into numbered questions to make them easier to answer
1. Do you know anything about the different types of Jinn, Arachne mentioned? Do the jann, jinn, shaitans, marids and Ifrits have different levels of wish magic or is that only the ifrits and they each can do something different?
2. And this might get a bit complicated but do you know why all of the different types of Jinn are called the class jinn. I don’t know if that is technically accurate but I did my best.
3. Do you think that the Shaitans might have contributed to the idea of Satan dealing in souls. Like magical creatures being viewed as gods, perhaps the Jinn tricking mages into ruin could be something similar.

Sorry if these are stupid questions, I know jinns are really rare and knowledge is limited about them but I thought I would just ask to be certain.

Thanks for answering and have a nice day!

1. I think from what Arachne said, only marids and ifrits could use true wish magic. The lesser classes had their own magic, but it wasn’t as powerful.

2. You’d have to ask a historian. It’s probably like how people say ‘bread’ to mean anything from the sliced stuff in a loaf to anything you get in a bakery.

3. Probably. From how I understand it, a lot of those bound jinn trickled down into the hands of sensitives and normals, which generally ended about as badly as you’d expect. Wouldn’t have been much of a stretch for stories about that to recast them as demons.

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