Ask Luna #125

From: Sierra

Just for fun have you ever thought about using your magic to give someone good luck by kissing them? And on the flip side give them bad luck by blowing them one? Or vice verse? I know that might seem really lame but I think it might add more to your mystique as a chance mage if you pull it off right.

Actually, the ‘good luck from a kiss’ thing was one of the first conscious tricks I ever learnt. Might even have been the very first, come to think of it. Bad luck from blowing them a kiss seems a little creepy, though. I don’t really like the idea of associating my kisses with that (I have enough bad memories along those lines already).

Generally, since I started training seriously, the direction I’ve been going in has been to use less physical components to my spells, instead of more. Producing good or bad luck just by standing still and apparently doing nothing might not look as impressive, but it’s a lot more useful.

From: Chandler

So these sets of questions are a bit different from the mage related ones just relatively regular ones.

1. Have there ever been a question you wished people would ask you? On the flip side what questions do you wish people would stop asking?

2. What types of movies/tv series and books do you like to watch and read? Do you and the gang play any video games or board games/Table RPGs together?

3. Do like to go see plays/musical theater? I don’t know if Hamilton is playing in the UK but it is pretty good.

1. That first question’s a good one. I don’t know if there was any one thing I really wanted people to ask, but I prefer the ones that are personal without being too personal, if you know what I mean. Stuff I can relate to. I really have trouble staying interested when people keep asking these incredibly dry geography/history questions about magical law enforcement relations in Canada or something equally pointless.

As for questions I wish people would stop asking . . . for the love of god, guys, stop asking me about Richard’s magic type. I don’t know and I’m really running out of ways to say ‘well, it’s possible’.

2. I like anime quite a bit. For books, I used to be a big fan of Animorphs, though I haven’t read them in a while. As for games, we used to play quite a few together but things have gotten more and more stressful/hectic and it’s hard to find the time nowadays.

3. Never got into it, sadly. Couldn’t go to theatres back when my curse was uncontrolled and I have bad associations with those kinds of places in general. I can manage it now, but I still have trouble completely relaxing, which really puts a damper on enjoying a show. I did always kind of like musicals when I could see televised versions.

From: Elaine

Do you know anything about those badgers in Morden’s mansion? I am kind of mystified that Morden would be near them he does not seem the type to associate with magical creatures.

What badgers?

From: Joesph

Have you heard of any magical types that aren’t suppose to exist anymore similar to Fate or Wish mages or perhaps even families of magic?

Has there ever been any magic users who could use multiple types by use of magical artifacts or magical creatures? Not like regular focuses but someone who could use different magic from their own like they would if they actually had them.

Summoning magic’s supposed to not really exist anymore, or at least not in the form it used to, where you had mages who could conjure up all kinds of stuff whenever they felt like it. Summoning magic now gets done by rituals, which are really slow and limited by comparison.

Not quite sure what you mean with the second question. You do get item specialists, but they’re not exactly using multiple types of magic themselves, they’re relying on the item. You do get the occasional really powerful hybrid who can do something like what you’re saying.

From: Matthew

Are there any mage sports, or competitions that are global in nature like soccer, or are sports in general considered to be low brow for mage society.

Duelling’s the most popular mage sport by a long way, and it’s pretty global. Other than that, a surprising amount of mages are fans of regular sports, though they’re usually embarrassed to admit it.

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  1. Holzer M. says:

    Hi Luna,
    Would it be possible to create a sanctuary for magical creatures in a realm? The Hollow for example?
    And if yes, why has no one done it yet?

    Greetings from Austria!

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