Road to Publication

Various bits of news for this week.  First and foremost, as of yesterday, I’ve finished and sent off the copy-edits for Fallen.  There are proofreading and author queries still to do, but basically, the manuscript is done:  the version I just sent to my publishers is something like 99.5% identical with the one you guys will be reading this autumn.  

And yes, I know, that’s a long time to wait, especially since the manuscript is almost entirely ready to go.  But publishers have their publishing slots, and that’s just how they do things.  If it’s any consolation, it won’t actually make much difference to how long it’ll take me to finish the series.  

Reedsy has featured Alex Verus as #4 on their list of top fantasy series ever.  I can’t honestly say I think it deserves to place that high, but it’s a nice ego boost.

And on a different note, we’re coming up to Fated‘s seven year anniversary!  Seven years is kind of an interesting number, for reasons that I’ll get into, so I’m planning an anniversary post for two weeks from now.  More details at the time.

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8 Responses to Road to Publication

  1. Robert M Tomczak says:

    I’m thrilled that I will be getting to read more of Alex’s struggles. The character development has been amazing across the board. I binged your series this past year and feel #4 is well deserved. Please keep up the good work sir and thank you.

  2. Andy says:

    Looking forward to your anniversary post. And the Luna notes are a nice way to stay engaged. Thanks for the hard work!

  3. victoria says:

    As a Londoner, I love the familiar backdrop to the stories. A big thank you to the chap at Waterstone’s Piccadilly for putting me on to your work a few weeks ago. Since then I have purchased all your books – and look forward to them being published in a hardback format [But not mass hardback but in a beautiful premium special edition please].

  4. Hasher says:

    Hmmm, that was an interesting list (I was fascinated by how few I actually recognized). However, I *can* say that, out of all the urban fantasy I’ve read (which, admittedly isn’t particularly extensive; it is a recent interest for me) Alex Verus is unquestionably my favorite. I found these (like so many others) via the Dresden Files, and was caught by them in a way Dresden never even came close to. So, excellent work, Mr. Jacka!

  5. David Lurie says:

    Cross-posting my comment from Goodreads, in case you don’t see it*

    “Umm, the list is written in alphabetical order (of the series name). I admit I only realised this when number 3 on the list was something I’d never heard of.”

    * and feeling a bit guilty about bursting your bubble

  6. Benedict says:

    Well, now I feel a bit cheated about that email from Reedsy where they told me that “it’s right up there at #4”.

  7. Terry says:

    We can rank the Reedsy alphabetical list. I put Alex in first place tied with Harry Dresden and Algaliarept (The Hollows).

  8. Vinita says:

    I can’t believe there is no big buzz around Alex Verus as compare to Dresden Files. It may be because I am Asian resident and Urban Fantasy fan base here has not caught on it yet. Seriously Alex need to get out there and let people know how smart and witty he is.
    I normally spend at most a month over a series max. But I like your series so much that I spend four month with it. I still cannot put it down. So Alex Verus will always rank first in my list.
    I wish fall come soon with Fallen…

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