Ask Luna #124

From: Kevin

Okay kinda of a silly question but what House in Hogwarts do you think you would be sorted into?
Ditto for Alex, Vari, Anne, and Sonder. And just for the heck of it Arachne and Hermes.

I always used to imagine myself as being in Gryffindor, but that might just be wishful thinking. It’s not like anyone reads the books and comes away thinking ‘wow, I wish I was in Hufflepuff’. Variam would definitely get Gryffindor, though. Not sure about Alex or Anne, and I don’t think Arachne would be taking that kind of test.

From: Nathan

Hey Luna just have a few questions about the Keepers thanks for answering these you are very helpful Alex is lucky to have you as a friend!
1. Do you know anything about Elandis, the other Captain in the mission to Syria, like his magic type, what Order he is in, or if he is connected to Landis in anyway? It may be a coincidence that they have similar names but it is a small world.
2. Do you know how many Keepers they are in the Orders of the Star, Shield and Cloak? Not looking for exact numbers but like a rough guess.
3. Also would it be accurate that about eighty percent are in the Star, fifteen percent are in the Cloak and the remainder five percent are in the Shield?
4. Does Landis have a rank in the Order of the Shield? Or is a rank system only limited to the other orders.
Thanks again!

1. Nope, don’t know anything about him. I think the name’s a coincidence.
2. A few hundred I think? I dunno, never really cared enough to count.
3. Probably more like 60/30/10, but again that’s kind of a rough guess.
4. He does, but he never uses it. They seem to do authority on a different basis, judging from the few times I’ve seen them.

From: Connor

Forgot to include this in the last post but are Precursor artifacts in a different category from regular magical items such as one-shots focus, and imbued items? Have you Alex, Anne, or Vari ever seen any other Precursor items aside from the Fateweaver?

And last question is the Dreamstone an imbued item or is it some other classification.

Thanks for answering these questions hope the shop is running well!

‘Precursor’ is just a fancy way of saying ‘really old’. There’s supposed to be some technical qualification for it (it has to be X hundred/thousand years old) but I don’t think most people care, they just slap the name on anything they think is old enough.

Dreamstone . . . jury’s out. We were told that it was a focus, but it acts pretty weird for a focus. Alex’s theory is that it’s some fourth kind of category that you only get when something’s tied into Elsewhere.

From: Callum

Do you think the jinn in the Monkey’s Paw is on the same level as the jinn in the box that Anne had? I only ask because someone might come looking for it as a power up to use in the Light-Dark conflict that is going on.

Also what do you think would happen if someone tried to use both of them at the same time? I know that this is a very bad idea but do you think they might cancel each other out by fighting over the host?

It’s really hard to tell, as the only way you can find that kind of thing out is to test them, which isn’t exactly safe. Richard would probably know, but as you can guess, we aren’t going to ask him.

As for trying to use both at the same time, that’s . . . creative. I haven’t got the slightest idea what would happen, but it’s hard to see how it’d work out well for the person trying.

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  1. Gerald Wise says:

    Why isnt Alex a master Diviner?

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