Ask Luna #127

From: Colin

Do you think that if Alex chose to bond with the Jinn he would have gained similar abilities to Anne, or would it be a more case by case basis? I don’t think that weird life magic she used, was like the wish magic that the Monkey’s Paw did but maybe we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

I think the whole point of wish magic is that it can do anything, so what it ends up being used for is 100% based off the wielder. In Anne’s case it worked with her life magic to make it a lot more deadly and boost its range. No idea what it’d do with Alex, and it’s very unlikely we’ll ever find out.

From: Kevin

1. Has Alex ever used path walking to see what would happen if he joined Richard to learn more about his plans? Or use it to scout out his mansion and discover more about what mages, constructs, and wards that are there, along with the overall layout?

2. Have you or Alex ever heard or met someone using the Dionysian branch of divination magic?

3. Has Alex considered getting a combat focus item like, a sword or that force staff he used against Onyx in Taken? Or perhaps a traditional shield for more protection?

1. Yes to the second, no to the first. He found out a few things but nothing we could really take advantage of on our own (it’s not like we’re going to storm the place).

2. Alex says he’s met a handful. I never have, though. I think they’re much less likely to get involved with the Council.

3. He’s got several. Trouble is, they’re all the kind that are just powerful enough to get you into trouble. This is one of those things that newbies tend not to get – I didn’t, at first – but going up against a battle-mage with a weapon can actually be worse than having nothing at all, because it tricks you into thinking that you’ll have a chance to use it. Most of the time, trying to use a sword or staff against someone like Onyx is going to get you killed. You’re better off not getting close in the first place.

From: Andrew

How has the fallout from Morden’s escape been? Was it just as bad as the others or are people just shrugging it off and waiting for the next event?

It kicked off an all-out war. Turned out both sides had been gearing up, and that was the trigger for them to cut loose. As of now, it’s still going.

From: Brian

Is the color of one’s magic fixed or can they change it? Deleo uses green water magic while others have blue, and fire mages seem to run the range of red, orange, and black is this just personality or something else?
Speaking of Fire Mages can they use a form of flight I think Ares was doing so during that adept gathering, do you think Landis or Vari could fly as well?

Magic colours tend to set fairly early, and once they’re set they stay the same, unless some major change happens to the mage or his magic (which in this context are more or less the same thing). It’s supposed to be based off personality but there isn’t a colour chart or anything like that.

Fire mages do have a form of flight, and Vari knows how to do it already. It’s not so much flying as jumping really, really far – they lighten their body (sort of a semi-elemental transformation) and create an updraft. Tends to be better at going up than along, but they can still get quite a bit or distance on the glide. Looks really impressive, kind of like a phoenix.

From: Nick

Did the Precursor mages originate in one region on earth or were they just mages from all over the planet? Did they have their own language or did they just use the languages at the time?

All over. ‘Precursor’ refers to a bunch of different mage civilisations. They used the languages of the time but they tended to have their own secret dialects and there was one particular language that got used as a kind of universal mage speech and spread a long way.

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