Ask Luna #128

From: Robert

So I am sorry if this is a stupid set of questions but do you know what dispersion dust and a revivfy are supposed to do? That latter one seems to be some sort of healing item but I wanted to be ask and be sure.

It’s basically a healing item, yeah. There are a bunch of variants but all are one-shots that inject a life magic boost into the target. Decent amount of power but they’re ‘dumb’ healing effects, which makes them much much less effective than having a life mage to guide the spell.

Dispersion dust’s similar to trail dust, it’s designed to hide your passage. Not sure exactly what it does – Alex carried it for a while but then stopped, presumably because he didn’t find it useful enough to be worth the slot.

From: Victor

I know that the Light Council and even the Dark Mages have different factions among their ranks, do the Independent mages have them as well?

And another question, I heard that Merlin was supposed to be a diviner, do you know what Morgan Le Fay’s alleged magic type was? I know that they might be myths I just wanted to check if there were some truth to them from an actual mage.

Independents have much looser factions than Dark or Light mages do. Just less inclined to form clubs, I guess. I’m not so familiar with their politics, though I know it’s supposed to be fairly complicated.

Morgan Le Fay was supposed to be an enchantress. Who knows if she really was.

From: Jo

Hi Luna,
Just a simple question, and sorry if it’s already been covered! What starsigns are you/Alex/the gang? Or when are your birthdays? I read Alex as a Virgo and you an Aquarius but I’m wondering what signs you actually are!

Well, you were right with the sign as far as the gang goes, but wrong with the person. Anne’s the Virgo, Alex is a Scorpio. I’m Leo and Vari is Aries.

From: Kevin

So have you noticed that quite a few people seem to be forming a Richard fan club? I have seen a few posts about how adorable he is, whether or not he is single, how he is misunderstood, and my own reaction is of bemused terror, what do you and the gang think of this?

Yeah, this is one of those things that kind of makes my jaw drop. It reminds me of how serial killers get fan mail. I guess some people are just really attracted to people who are strong and dangerous, no matter what else comes packaged with it.

From: Callum

Hey Luna how are you doing? Just have a few questions about magic types.

1. Have you heard of any mages who had more than two magic types, a tribrid for lack of a better term? Have you ever heard of mage with even more or is there a limit to how much magic one mage can use normally?

2. Is it more likely for a Time or Space mage to ascend to the Senior/Junior Council? I heard that a few universal mages were on there but I can’t figure out which type it would be because they both seem to be supporting roles in Council politics if that makes sense.

3. Regarding potential universal hybrid magic types the only ones I could come up with that makes any sense are divination/chance who “predict the future” and time/space magic for manipulating reality. (Also I can just imagine Sonder saying “Affecting the spacetime continuum is impossible!) My question is have you heard of any other universal hybrid types, and if I am on base with the combinations earlier?

1. Oh, c’mon, I’ve answered this one like a million times already. I don’t know why so many people have so much trouble with the discrete/continuous thing. Yeah, the words are kind of obscure, but the idea isn’t that complicated, is it?

2. Time mages are way more likely. They’re very good at finding out secrets and the more politically minded ones don’t share most of what they learn.

3. I’m not actually sure how a divination/chance hybrid would work, but I guess it’s possible. Time/space seems like it’d make more sense. I think there are some varieties of radiation/light/darkness/illusion mage that you’d probably call hybrids, though they might not agree.

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