Ask Luna #129

From: Tony

Okay I am not one for conspiracy theories, really I am not, but is it possible that Richard, Morden and the other Dark Mages are also affecting normal society along with the magical one? I am only asking because, and I am not going into details, but politics have been pretty crazy in Great Britain right now, and I believe that the Gate Rune War also coincided with World War 2 if they were connected that is. Is this just a crazy coincidence and I am just wildly off the mark, or do you think there is something to this even if it is less magical conspiracy and more chaos feeds off chaos. The only good news is that if this is true than the United States Council is clearing having more problems than you guys are.

I hate to break this to you, but normal people don’t need any help from mages to cause political chaos. They’re more than capable of handling that all on their own.

You wouldn’t believe how often I get people asking some variant of this question in the shop, by the way. It seems like a lot of people really, really want to believe that their current political problems are caused by a villainous conspiracy, instead of by a bunch of ordinary people who don’t agree with them.

From: Nathan

I remember when Alex was talking to Morden in Fated that some of the more infamous Light and Dark Mages were the ones who switched to the other side. My question is have you ever heard about any Dark Mages who quit to join up with the Light Council in modern times? Not joining as a Dark, Mage like Morden eventually did but by becoming a full Light Mages.

Yeah, that’s never going to happen in a million years. The only reason Morden got in was by strong-arming that Council vote that basically forced him on. No way Light mages would ever vote for someone ex-Dark. Wouldn’t matter how many years ago it was, they’d never forget it.

From: Alaric

Do you know what Druss the Red’s magic type is? I only ask because while I initially thought he was a mind mage like the others on the Senior Council but apparently he has led some of the Order of the Shield into action on retrieval missions for the imbued items and they only accept elementalists. This could be because of his rank but even then I doubt they would let him he lead a field mission unless he had some combat magic he could use.

Also do you why he has the epithet “The Red”? I know some mages have first and last names in their mage name but I never heard one with a title in it.

He’s a fire mage. It’s not as unusual as you might think – mind mages usually show up on the Council but they’re not a majority and there are usually at least a couple of elementalists on there too. Elemental mages are really common and they have a lot of status in the Council, so they can leverage that into votes even if their magic type isn’t much use in politics.

He got the epithet by some battle he won when he was young, I think. You’re right, there aren’t many mages who have titles like that, but for whatever reason his one’s stuck.

From: Anthony

1. Are there any official Light Divination Mages? I remember that Alaundo and Helikon were employed by the Council, but Morden said he used Helikon before but this could mean little considering how similar the Council and Dark mages are to each other at least nowadays.
2. So there are supposed to be Dark Diviners and I am wondering if you knew if they are more aggressive with their divination and have similar abilities to Alex or do they just want less restrictions on how they use their magic?
3. So Alex apparently once went up against a diviner do you know if it was a Dark, Light or independent mage or anything else about this event? I am curious how diviners would fight each other it seems like it would be headache inducing.
4. Ironically Alex has never faced that many diviners in the series, but do you know how this might affect his abilities against another diviner when they could each see the others actions? Has he ever described the effect and could he tell he if others are diviners from how they reacted to his use of divination?

1. Alaundo is a Light mage, and Helikaon might not be officially one but he works for them often enough. Guess Alex qualifies too, more or less. They tend to end up as ‘employed consultants’ more often than actually joining.

2. I’m assuming they’re basically the same as independent diviners, just with a different attitude. Being a Dark mage doesn’t give you access to special abilities or anything, it’s just a mindset.

3. I don’t, actually. Might get around to asking, but I have less time to chat with him than I once did.

4. I don’t know the details, but someone else once told me that there’s supposed to be some kind of ability some diviners have that can block the visions of other diviners, kind of the same way that space or time mages can shroud an area to block scrying or timesight. I’d guess that would come into it a lot.

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  1. Vinita says:

    Answer to Anthony’s fourth question pretty closely implies that Richard is indeed a diviner.
    Don’t you think…?

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