Ask Luna #130

From: Benjamin

Hey Luna just finished reading Chosen and have a few questions.

1. Do you know what kind of magic Lee used, the Nightstalker that survived? I know he used tracking magic of some kind but I have do not know what magic type that falls under.

2. Do you know how tracers work like how they are created and what magic type are used to create them?

3. Lastly, and this is an just observation, but remember when Richard was talking to Rachel, he said that Tobruk was quite certain he would succeed in killing Alex, but he conveniently did not say what he thought would happen when they fought each other. Giving what we know about how he never directly lies along with his high opinion of Alex’s abilities I believe he thought Alex would prevail and that letting Tobruk torturing Alex was a way to get him to use his divination for lethal means. Also, by having Rachel harvest Shireen he gained an empowered and loyal Chosen by having the weaker apprentice harvesting the stronger one who tried to betray him. My question is do you think he wanted Alex and Rachel to take on their stronger counterparts in order to develop them into stronger mages so that he could use them in the future? Tobruk seemed too crazy and bloodthirsty to fully trust and Shireen was never going to follow orders like Rachel has done. Sorry for the length of this final question thanks for answering these you are great source of information keep it up!

1. Some sort of life magic, I think. Once he saw someone’s pattern he could track it at a distance.

2. It’s just a general term for tracking spells and effects. Usually they’re life or death, but there are space variants as well. Lots of ways to produce a similar result.

3. It could be, but I always assumed it was just the typical Dark mage thing. Set your apprentices against one another, see who wins. If one of them dies, well, he obviously couldn’t have been that good. I wouldn’t put it past him to have rigged the constest, though.

From: Grant

Hey Luna how are you doing today?

Do you know what the abilities of some of the imbued items Alex kept in the store? One is the infamous Monkey Paw but a few others keep coming up as well specifically the ones in his safe room. Do you know what the pale green egg that can defy gravity, and the metal holder with three darts and a lock, abilities are? He also mentioned some of what the Bloodsword uses were but did not say what else it could do, has he ever told you the other powers it has?

On a similar note when he was going to go all out against Levistus’s thugs he wanted to use some really powerful magic, do you know if these specific items the ones he was referring too?

Answers to the questions in the first and second paragraphs: 1) good, 2) yes, 3) yes, 4) yes.

For the last question, I think I know what you mean, and I don’t think it was anything to do with powerful magic, I think it was to do with lethality. It’s not obvious to most people, but Alex usually holds back quite a bit in fights since he doesn’t want to escalate things more than he has to.

From: Rick

Has Alex taken precautions to protects his friends and family from what Morden threatened to do to if he did not go along with his plans, along with potential attacks from his other enemies?

Yes. For obvious reasons, he’s keeping the details a secret.

From: Samuel

Hi Luna hope you are holding up okay just have a couple of questions about Spire and Alex’s council seats.
1. Is Spire a Light Mage or an Independent one? I know he is supposed to represent them but can independent mages even be on the Senior/Junior Council or even the Council in general?
2. Has Spire ever actually voted on anything? How does he maintain power without taking a stand on anything and not being delegated to the sidelines like Undarris.
3. For that matter what is Alex mage status? He is on the Light Council but on the seat for Dark Mages and was an independent before that. Is he somehow all three? That is quite the accomplishment.

1. Light, but out of all the Senior Council, he’s supposed to be the most weakly aligned to the Light Council as a whole. That’s part of the reason why independent mages are more likely to go to him.

2. I’m not that up on the Council’s political history, but from what Alex has said Spire does vote sometimes, just very carefully and making sure not to align himself with any of the blocs.

3. It’s really unclear. He used to be considered an independent mage, by joining the Keepers he became a de facto Light mage, and by filling Morden’s seat he’s kind of assumed to be a Dark mage. So yeah, in a way he’s kind of all three. I don’t think that’s going to last for much longer, though, he’s going to have to pick a side.

From: Timothy

Is there a placeholder name for the black threads of magic that Richard used as Archon? I am trying to figure out what to call it without being to broad of a name.

I just call it ‘that weird magic that Richard uses’. Coming up with names for things is very low on the priority list these days.

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