France and Germany

A break from Ask Lunas this week (I’ve got a giant backlog that I’m still working through) for some news on the European front!

I haven’t been posting each time there’s a new release, but the Alex Verus books have been coming out in France at a steady pace.  Fated, Cursed, and Taken came out in 2018, Chosen came out February 2019, and book 5, Hidden, has been contracted for (release date hasn’t been set, but it’s definitely going to come out by next year at the very latest).  

The German edition got started a little slower than the French one – the German Fated was released in 2018, while Cursed is coming out three days from now, on April 15th.  However, the books have already been doing very well, with a lot more orders and pre-orders than usual for a translated series.  As a result, the publishers are very interested in continuing – Taken is coming out later in 2019, Chosen is scheduled for spring 2020, and it’s currently looking as though books 5 and 6, Hidden and Veiled, will be following.  

It’s an odd feeling to have my books out in so many languages.  Since I don’t speak nearly enough French or German to read a novel in them, I really have no idea how good or bad the translations are.  If there are any French or German readers out there who’ve had a chance to look at the books in both languages, drop me a message and let me know what you think!

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2 Responses to France and Germany

  1. Cooperboom says:

    Bought the first book in German on impulse, loved it and binged the other 8 in English after because I didn’t want to wait. You can rest assured that the German version is a very good translation. (I love the English version more but that has to do with my stupid prejudice that the original language is always the best one to read a book in if possible).

  2. Demiurg says:

    What Cooper said… it’s well translated. Still love the original language more but always supporting translation…so its two version of every book from now on. 😀

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